Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Safe Safe Staged not that line sir.

Dear Readers,

Of a staged story line introduced to you here in the first installment, the story was the title " The Business Card " It ran a long listing of threads in my head wall, high top board room for the firends I was talking once only fone, they no 'puter there in their homes, it was pre http, it was lined at the dem ark like line of the text bia and nary Share Ware era and the First MO office masxses was, the ntoed knot not knot noted from The janitor threads were alsto also to be linked, there are all me in my head stories, so they are all linkaged brain pan flash burns.

I falsk the flask burns int he lab, at school both me and bro go, me 81 me 88 he ,, we 7 years, exactly time linkage, spin orbitlal nots, e notes noted, his was I there at his 1 billionth second birthday party I was an efforting, Hey dude run that backward masked them me, was tarred and fether, the three red heads, of course she was there, tht was halved the oftened fun, okay never linked the lankages, I just face wall the the wall my room is the sink sinhdge the code is the moores law is the there is 99.99999999999999% free space int eh atom space there is no volume in the sisssters reg file, where the heck did he go,

They asked me to task this safe open, they toooold me if it did not ai would not, so I told them oaky

Then the white house fireo wall hit hte shops, the skitnds the skits hit the same darn timer, furiuos 7 is the 1 billtion th first of the set ot hit the $$$$$ bitocins, 007 the,, linkage, is, wild wild wst, chrels west the klinad

I got he the note janitor, the hit wall helled off, then safe dipped off the radar the guy Charles Danner ran and then the guy was back where he was before you say you saw the story on here, was it the 1st time the epi logue or the biling, bling, got West, Charles, botton cell call list makng biowebscape's business card reality time check,, cash and carry..

I hot boxed him in to a commissionaly relationship, I mentor him mentor I am he is ai I am ,, we are, relataed to time links here, local

There is the fictions of my dia a com di didhe dit dash sadskh dash i got the call one day and then I dash dash dash.... not half the not even the 3rd of sos,, but the call log would have read

Unknown # no known number ,, private caller,,, or this as it was then thusly, and still is some times a noted

an o o tated, I have several,, several annoo tated tomes that I have't been able to source therie there the locations, are marked off, some where in here the black bag guy told me to tell you hi ya'll penny is here too

Pennyt he guy saide and all hell broke loose the hades of the sys adim men said, walk thre, go the door way, cal cutta black hole of calcutta,, you go thre, is old wive's tail, the guys would ask, you want it, go to indioa Calcutta, get whater ever you ever wanted, someisne is sourseces inthe source of the pan geee A spins the seldns they are all right and let left overs spoil who cares, I am head liner Hard line linked to code wall I hard code old COBOL hard links in the the sys adim fost ware code, I still link to old sys adim sutff at board meetings.

They call me a Poly Math, manic back up driver set,

I go there, they acll the
janitor ilans iland in land island univeraals, uni at edge of muds duse raraha ,

I got linkege the danny danner is Highlander can't kill me off, P. K Dick is the blade runner,,, if I am the blade is in my hand I have three spinding blades, the heli, got shoot, off the other 3, the 6 blaed, Jane's noted, help help helo,, old AIR FORCE mags, are int e white room I got the Old JANE's sourced,,,, hello hero, to 99er five this is a code six, the safe left he buuilding, then all hades broke loose, go t the head the wally world elmer elmir pick link,, no he still out that way, de mark this is up slipped cali time, me centrack time glabaole cegeeekis is the greek delta fly the penny wall.

Yours in the Risen Christ Heaven is yours, be there at 5 now, gone off

Bye now

Secoters, sfhegc jantiros they got you back to brisket is the noted to potluck sunday church,, my liner notes told me to tell you too.


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