Monday, April 20, 2015

Use Earth Like you Own It

Dear Readers,

As a subset of the post before this one. Use earth or the Planet like you own it. We have been told for years to use it (whatever "it" is) like you own it. But do you really think that way often enough to get the real meaning of the term or the idea? I have for years walked into places and acted as if I was the owner of that said location. It does get you noticed by others. They see you straighting shelves and walk up to you and assume that you work there and you can answer some odd question they have for the owner or worker of said location. Though some folks have more experience with that sort of thing and ask if you work there, as they also might straighten shelves out looking for something and you don't have a badge on, or wear the company colors. But Do you use every day like you own the whole shabang?

You Got your Slice of Heaven, but you live on earth, now are you Living like you Own the Planet and acting like you runt hings down here, and you have been fixing the palce up for something.

Are you treating it like you only have One earth and can't just be throwing bits of it off into space and getting rid of it to spiral down to the end of burning Solar fires to whoosh back out in Solar meltdown burps of burnt planet bits? Of course you aren't, you haven't even gotten over my last post to have time to think about my other many layers of questions. You have a Test and you can't even get past Question #1 to be there to write down Question #2 as this is a verbal and written test. I ask the Questions, give you 5 mins to write an answer then pop you another one, and it only has 4 mins to answer, you can't be using the time to think about the question before this one. Hey aren't you writing down Question #8 yet? Haven't you been listening to my lecture-test? Oh gee whiz kids!

Use The planet like you Own it. that means you get 45 earths, 4 saturns, and a few parts of Jupiter's Titan as ice cubes in your mixture of useful things to use.

But you all have been worrying so much about what the Jones' have in their yard that you have completely forgotten where your old TV is located at, and how lonely it is getting up in the attic not being watched anymore, as your new handheld computer graphical-neuron connection is selling you costly app's to sell you neat ideas you forgot to use, because now you are thinking about that game you and your buddy are going to play after you decide which Pizza joint to try tonight. But what about the Old TV?

It isn't wasted but it is wasted, all those atoms not getting used to make toasters for John's family cook out of Toasted Hardboiled Egg sandwiches. Not sure which atoms going into the eggs, the cheese, John or his toaster, but they were going to have been used there, but can't be now, as they are still in your old TV up in that attic you haven't seen in 20 years, in fact I think you might have moved out of that house and gone into the other house you also own, but only live in on the weekend's in while there visiting. Have we lost track of how many things we have?


We have so many Can's of Coke that we don't have as many cans of beer as we used to. So sad.

Are we running out of Planet yet? Have we killed off the last Dodo? No to #1, and Yes to #2. So far so good the test is almost over with, only 43 more questions to go dear reader, aka Students.

Where are all the Oranges?

3 mins 24 seconds to answer that one.

Where are all the Oranges you did not count in that last question?

2 mins 23 seconds to answer that one.

So Where is the Last orange on earth located at right now?

23 seconds to answer that one.

Are oranges all gone now, forever?

4 hours to think about it and come back after your pizza break.

Please don't discuss your possible answers with anyone that has not been in this class, thank you.

Class , Class! Hey where did you all go, hello?

Finally you are all gone, I Own the Planet now and I made you all go away, I own all the Cheese doodles now..............

Peace of Christ to you all.



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