Thursday, April 02, 2015

"Coins from heaven to send you to heel, or hell, or was it just hail."

Dear Readers,

Strange days are afoot, well really strange days have always been afoot. They might be A foot away from you or 6 feet away or 2 blocks away or 5 miles away or just over the horizonal line at the Arc second of the Sun Rise where the curvature of the global plane bend the light rays to the reds, oranges, the umber yellow the bright yellows or the real light yellows or the bright almost never quite hard white light of the noon day sun.

But there are days when it is cloudy that I say I am at my most pestered byt hte troubles of the world or the lack of the light of the Sun full faced to me, but the dark days of hte Easter season can be harsh in my own mine anyway, as I have many times in this area.

First marriage was Jun 25th to surprised me even to the dawn of the time that was over to the day 7 years, again jun 25th 2001. Oh you say that year. I say Oh Heel and hell and Hail yes that year the year I was both pressed to the finest hard diamond I thought, but not yet there, just a black sponged carbon ball.

Second marriage is techincally started 2002, but the meetting was the recusp of the last bit of the year of 2001.

So those dark days of Easter to thanksgiving were the hardest of my life I thought, though I have been in swing mode for a while, I am not having a swing bi-polar event I have been having the so called mid life crisis.

Yes I had to source it out to the starting point of the event level events, it was my 1st marriage that started the ball rolling in my life. Age old polled in Heaven Job events. The See my servant events were being placed in hard line notes, and harder liner notes. and then they swing out from there to the swing timbers and swing timbers, the taking up crass , cross roads events we all seem to have. Wheather ( whatever the real word should be that works rather well so stays) you know them at the time or that you see them after the facts. I tend to see them as Mark this spot as the line to return to after the failure of the system test hits, as to not go back to far. But that is a CAD notation, and a COBOL thought situ-remark.

So here I am it is 2000 and my 1st wife has been bugging for a divorce for a while, and I was fearful of what i'd be like alone. One event after another and then 2001 and the email cracking, then well the notes and the reads and the threads cut cut slivecered when she next asked, I said yes. Well that was a priceless event, but rather fleeting, yay me, all mine the anger wells up even now, but whose fault was it really?

So to the title of this post.

I have been coin collectioning for ages now, lost and found collections and just making a big stake hold for me, oh well.

But recently people have been needing funds for this or that and I had funds to go do things with and I was trying to do this and that and that and this.

But I have to speed the story that is longer than the above story really to a fine toothed comp.

Really rally here the pressure on me in this time period is a boilling froth.

April 13th, is a 2nd wife's and mine anniversary. ( 2002-2006)
March 14th is 3rd wife's and mine anniversary. (2007-2007)
in here on the 2009 year Second wife dies, which keeps openning the abyss to my face, the death of her here is hard to live over and walk a sane way.
July 6th 2014 death of aunt Pearl
April 9th death of 3rd wife in my hands, literally in my hands.

Then it is easter season all rolled into a tight bundle of joy and death and joy and death and joy and death and joy and death and joy and death and joy.

IT is not the Hell that won, it is the SON that own's the won and the winner is He that is a name above all names.

But this one little servant is a bit of a proud person at times. and I'd glady hang ont he tree if I could save someone from hell. Or maybe that is the Suicide thoughts to get back to heaven again, or or or ... tears and pain roll the rocking boat to the sea shore. off to work again I go, hi ho hi ho ,, or is it ho ho ho santa cl...... no I got to pick a few people up for the service tonight. they no car me Yello van man.


Love of Christ's free peace to you all


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