Monday, April 20, 2015

BioWebScape Update

Dear Readers,

Experimenting with planting Hard Red wheat in an old bed of Strawberries, gave me a stand of wheat about 100 or so stalks, I spread them over to straw and my chicken went in hunting for things to eat till finally I had to put a hardware cloth cover over the bed to keep her out. I am going to let the wheat mature then likely only cut the heads off and let the rest dry in place over the summer months for a while then get into the mass below the cover. See what there is to see. The space is only about 3.5 feet on a side, so it's less than 12 square feet. Won't get more than a meal out of it if I were to make a bread, but if I had a soup or other use of the wheat I might get more out of it. Just a thought test. I had wanted a bigger space but the Chicken has a mind about tilling that most garden tillers by those fancy companies don't seem to have just yet.

Lots of Chick weed for her to nibble on, and the flyway that the yard has become is doing gang busters, never a moment that thier isn't some bird besides Chicken in there getting at something that is planted or left over.

Spring and early summer, though the nights are still chilled and the Black Walnut has just afew buds out. As do the Pecans, which had produced a bit more nuts last year than I had expected.

The Mulberries are just loaded full, I might have enough for a pie or something besides a nibble this year. I trimmed them so that they have few score branches all in globe on each tree. Though the trees have different main trunk configurations.

I have a Black Cherry growing in the side of the Wheat/strawberry bed, which I plan to prune to about 10 feet tall at max and see if I can get a crop of black cherry from it in a few years. They aren't that big of afruit, but they are cool as a small bird bringing tree, and sweet treat while the fruit last.

I haven't tried getting more of the Mullen out of the last seed stalks and into the stirred up ground yet, and have to go through all my old seeds again and see which ones still germinate before seeing which new ones to get. So still some things to do yet. To many sick days this year.

Well off to enjoy the late late of the sky at dusk.

Peace of Christ to you all.



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