Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Laughs go the sizzzles and the sand flies drip in rivers

Dear Readers,

This is... sorta a part of the post about the War .... Lo Laughs L

fish like water

The first Ice cube showed up in the Chad war area somewhere by the Mali war zone the whole area is dry and a tinder box of fighting most years, even without the Worlds biggest War Mongers mashing the sheds of wheatables and the Bitcoin market was cooking along just fine, till the first one showed up, then all bets were off. Sorry Max K...over on RT can't predict what you and stacy didn't know.

The Abby road of Martin hunting indie media Empire had not yet gone Virally Global but she being a free agent was the first to get the news and be able to effort thefunds to the area.

The boy and his shadow was walking the town edges, just there, but not there, basking in the silence of the evening sun, never seeming to need water or a place to stop.

The Penny man, was sitting in his office , and Joey his man about the street hung out in the area but seemed to move with a whoosh and the Limo was a bit hard to spot, it was a umber darkish purple but if you looked at it in the right section of the light circle it was not even purple but an Orange and then there was the strikes of crackling lightening it must be an illusion..... right?

Penny whosshed and left in fast streams, though the penny is both single and multi so the poly-head-running seemed to just flow a river out and in of the room, though they never were ........

Bobby jus chilled in Jail,, but that was his own private jail, he had had it built in hi back yard,, it had a moot about 6 feet deep around it and every few days the firework's folks would come bay to see his Pyro techi--- products,, more of them you'd ever see really it seemed the ..........

Well the Pool Shark in the G. Norman shirt had had to change shirts and venues, so he is not seen much often, never know where he will show up these days and this is all before the Icecubes showed up........


There was more in my original, but it was a paper copy, or was it just a big Txt file, no clue it was ages ago in a land far far away, same city different year, decade, century and even different 1,000 year run up...... akc akc ack.. cough cough.


Christ is Risen
His peace to you.


Blogger Charles Edward Owens Jr. said...

While this post seems dis jointed, it is a series of bites of all my stories and realities too linked to the over all theme that became the "No W Here" story set, a linkage to all my stories in a mish mash hash flash crash of realities and the thoughts of someone that sees things as if they are all real, the post is about the idea that I can hedge my verbage so that you can see your reality there, the " Abbey road of Martin is about RT reporter Abbey martin and her leaving RT to go do her own thing and giving her a history in my fictional icecube story, but could it be real and we just don't see the reality just yet, that we are going to be in a different world in 20 years, and well, that is the theme there.

But I have millions of other stories that never reach the internet or anyone besides me and God, and since I think he helps fill my head and keep me sorta sane a lot, I have a very creative creation making brain. We all have it, but some just can't get the real world noise to stop long enough to see the glory of creation arond them speaking to them.

I have had a long life in my head, trillions of years of story line, I in that dark room in my living room, openned a box that said dire warnings on it, I openned up a slice of heaven and hell and jumped in. and this is my life. It is long, in my head I have 100's of layers of story there, and it's all the same story just mixed into a froth that if you sit back and don't think of anything the froth wells up and bubbles and you get steam bubbles popping with the boiled post it notes of the things you can talk about, and see and exchange with other like minded or even totally clueless humans. it is called the Creation Story that Christ talks about, it is an on going process, Christ in his giving the lord's prayer, states it all for us to repeat.. we help Heaven come to earth and rebuild earth in heaven's image all the time, it is an active Program, it is like Rachel, and Active creation running about the world seeing things in a newness that most of us, fail to see most days, though I try hard to see as much of it as I can handle. And I am always shocked that things still shock me, and that I am seeing the positive along with the negative all the time, the * and the - , make a dynamo, that is the battery power getting recharged from heaven through the Holy Spirit in everyone and everything, it is an active creation. that is why I say to people take the universe it is yours, don't be timid, do with it as if you own it and you are part of the creation process, if you want to do bad things, realise that the creation process is killing off the bad things, so if you go that route, know your are in the death is here zone, so use wisely you are heading in the wrong direction, but if you know that you are doing your best to improve things that you are doing your best to improve things and just keep doing it, don't worry as much about the bad things, there are us out here, trying Our beest to help those go away, that is the fireangel projects thought processes and Rachel's main job. so We are here, just be good and try to hold on for the ride of your lifetimes.

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