Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Putin and Obama against the Icecubes.

Dear Readers,

Ages ago in my timeline, sometime around about the time I was living locally in North Little Rock, Arkansas, somewhere under the Fort Roots hillside area, never in shadows much as we sort of faced South.

I started a story I had had the Idea a bit before but I can not place when it was, I called the story something like "icecubes" but never settled on the title.

It was sorta an FBI hunters doing the X-files thing, but different people in the team and they were doing something and then something, but the icecubes were being taken from Antarctica, they were cubic mile blocks of Ice.

They usually showed up in a Diamond Pattern, Two by Two but Top corners facing the North Magnetic Pole, not the one on the map the Magnetic one, that now has a floating wobble to it. And if you think this is a new thing, you'd be wrong. That point on the map has always point to somewhere different.

That is why people sailing by the heading could get lost if they tried to retrace steps that others had put on a map and they only followed that notation. But they never did that. They had all sorts of clues to use, they are called Ship's Logs.

Having Viking Blood running deep in my veins, I can tell you a lot of things about the styles of my living, I love to walk barefoot in deep snow, can go into the 4 foot snow drifts in a pair of shorts and no shoes and kinda just live there like a bear. but I will get cold. But it takes me an extra long time to get cold, so this story has a bit of truisms in it.

Plus the global wheater/wheater/ wherter/ water/ changes and all those other things people could talk about Geoengineering ,, H ha ha ha I am a BioWebScape design Project Master of ... God is the Planner, I just see the things he shows me. I can see things before they might seem to happen to you, but I digrees.

teher it is again the digress... pasued.....Part two later

Your friend in Christ the Lord of the Universe
His Peace be yours forever


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