Monday, April 20, 2015

"First Day in Heaven, An Autobiography."

Dear Readers,

It was one of those weeks. When nothing seemed to be going right, or left for that matter. When things could get worse, but had stopped before you wanted to pull all your hair out.

Then it happened.

I woke up.

I thought, hey this is new.

Then I really woke up, then it hit me.

Oh yeah, I am still here.

Darn. Thought I was finally in Heaven.

I call them Slice of Heaven dreams, Dreams that literally you feel like you are in a slice of heaven. they only arrive it seems after I have been awake long hours, doing lots of things, mostly trying to get to something down, or trying to actually sleep and finally getting it. But they could happen several days in a row and be a bit better each time they arrive, till finally you got totally Powered Up! and knew for a fact this was It. The big Slice of Heaven you needed to get going the rest of the, however long you had to go till you got another one.

Earlier today I was kinda binge watching some old "Spenser for Hire" videos I found over on google's other slice of the internet Youtube. Then a bit later, I was posting on some Yahoo Comment thread about some slice of the planet earth. I was getting a bit pissed at people. Why were they being so mean to other humans. After all the anthropologists will tell you, we humans are all the same race. We only make those fine lines on those fragile paper maps to control the other people on the planet earth and yada yada yada. I found myself writing something, seeing my own hate bleed out and erasing it, and going off to do something else. Finally I went to lay down, which I had really needed to have done 4 hours before.

The Dream was wonderful, and when I woke up the personal message was wonderful and I might be able to tell you it if I tried, but I am not going to dull you brains with the thoughts that swirled around in the 5 mins that seemed like a lifetime. Which is kinda cool, the person who uploaded the Spenser shows, got them off of Lifetime and VHS tapes I could see the video editing signposts.

There are signposts all over the Twilight zone.

We life most of our lifes in a Twilight zone, Full Sun, or Full Son, Whichever way you want to slice it is just a slice of our time on earth while we live down here, wanting to be elsewhere. Being that I am a Christ Follower, I would really like to get to Heaven and not have to worry about being down here anymore.

Ah ah, worry. That word again, didn't this guy once tell you about it? Why worry, if the father in heaven gives the birds of the air food, don't you think that he'd give you plenty to eat too? That sermon goes on and is often repeated as those that hear it, worry and worry and still worry more even though they shouldn't much if they trust him to be who he says he is! Lucas might write that Yoda says to His own Father when even His own father's father were alive, "Dad I don't want you to die!". Where upon his Grandfather would have said, something cute, and much like he'd have told some young Jedi, 450 years or so later. But What would my father tell me if I said that same thing?

Don't worry I am going to heaven, getting there though is going to be a hard road to walk, or something like that, but in my dad's voice in his words and with that simple wisdom that he has gotten over those long years of being not my father, but just some guy that never really thought about having a son, as he always wanted a Daughter, or a son, but certainly not a son named after him. Hi Dad, guess what? Mom won. hahahahaha Waves to dad outside trying to fix something. He is always fixing something, things break and when they do, he fixes them, and if he breaks them (not often) he fixes them again and most people can't tell they were ever broken.

Both my parents are somewhat Polymaths. My Dad is an Extreme Polymath with tools, you name it and I bet he has used the tool at least once, for something. Chef's knife, over a million times, socket set, ditto. sewing needle, ditto. Record player, double ditto. Camera ditto. the list would get longer than this post should be. My brother is another Poly Math, in Math, science and audio, amoung others. Me? um, Um, UMMM,,, I will let you be the guesser!

So the title got you here or you got here, because you read my blog, but you are here reading it, so why this title? I googled it first, see how it got hits, I like to be one of a kind. Oh I am aren't I, then again so are you.

Act as if this is your first day On Earth, you first day of Ownership of Earth, your First Day in Heaven, but you still have to deal with all the rest of the people on the Planet. You though are In Heaven It's your first day in the place. Your first day in heaven. You have been in heaven 43 billion Years. But each day you wake up it is the First Day. The rest of the Planet is being rebuilt around you though. You are in Heaven. You are in Heaven, but living on Earth too, and if you get to many days of living on earth you start forgetting you are a resident of Heaven, you start getting broken, out of sync, rattled about, torn at. You are in Heaven though and This is your First Day.

As this has just been a 2015 Easter season flip over of the day to day life of your earthly fellow humans, you have to Remember that you are in Heaven and some of them out there, don't even know where they are going to be in the next 20 mins, or in the next year. You are in Heaven, but you have to deal with all of them as well as being where you are, and they don't know that Heaven is really just a slice of a Proton's breath on this other side of our coin.

I Could write more but it'd just sound a bit like Yada Yada, Yoda bing bang bongo drums in the heads of most of you, unless you know me or have heard my message before.

Christ is Risen, You are in heaven if you know the first 3 words.



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