Monday, May 25, 2015

"No W Here, God Only Knows"

Dear Readers,

Aha, said the Prince, and the sign language flowed back to him.

That is the first line of this day's post on the No W Here story liners notes for you. But that is also a line out of another persons blog and Snake and Krystal, you got this for birthday gifts, I put your pang...Pqac,,, arghs, dyslexic notes to self, yes, just leave the chaos in the notes, I can't go back and editor my own systems that I type here very well. As the liner notes, are at times, literally speaken on a yada Yoda type of spoken word reading, think this note wise young JEDI ( Jesus Ended Death Instantly ( Yes I know I might be stealling What God Only Knows is the best something of something, so fucking well sue me already!!! if you can't sue the hell out of me, then maybe you have hit a head wall you can not cross, HUH! ) The boys and girls on this street, both the young and the old, Know for whom the Light Pole Tolls, if I am out there, ringging it, Lisa will say, if she is there, They are going to call the cops on you, and I will smart off to her, and then she will, I don't know what... But God Only Knows all the shit in the world and it's his, if you plan to mess with it, he'd love you to try to fuck it up, just try to break his world already he told them, go ahead break something,, oh Right.. You can't break me up can you now,, Oh My God,, aren't fancy they will tell me, and I will still tell them,, So sue me, get you a lawyer and sue the fuck off my face go ahead, ask about,, anyone got the notes to sue me? I mean you got the castratedable balls to do something on my street that is a rough and tumble, seriously???!!! you go ask around, you seek Lisa or Miles, or the Kim at 107 or the other people,, you go seek them and Ask the Real Ass people that know who the fuck I am,, and you see if they think you can sue the fuck off my face?? go on, don't be timid, go on, break my new stick.. They Call me Stick,, around here.. for well,, hey ask Miles, his is it's nick name for me.. if you local and you read this,, then you already might know Miles, tall black dude,, coolest dude I know that is tall black dude on this street, as my next door nieghbot,, he tell you facts about things locally, and um,, you ask him things and you see whatever GOD ONLY KNOWS what you will hear,, I now not Care you see I only gotmy new stick yesterday,, and Miles knows what I am talking about... aha.. I prince of Ur and I am Chursl,, or am I url or Churl or Just Charles Danner the real one the liner notes I am Churl dan Ur,,, that word Dan meaning Prince of ... So I am literally Charles dan Ur..... as the deriveable of Churl is to the root of Charles which is Adam, and then it gets to this for a fact..

I am Charles Edward Owens Jr... I own this slice of heaven on earth, but so do my family, and they are all alive and I haven't got their lock out keys,, lol,, but GOD ONLY KNOWS the story is now fully 100% active. and I am happy, that I got the Stick back.. though it's a new one and not a 6 foot Iron Gas pipe, this one is Maple loggish Limb from tree, more than 6 foot long, and I can also balance it on my head and walk with it balanced there and use it as the umm,, whatever I can do with a stick weighting about 15 pounds or so,, got to sometime measure it, I are strong, not know my newest weight feel of things and all that power bunches..

Yeah i think there is a close ) ( in here somewhere, but this is the literally good line to say , next the lines of the Now going fully online No W Here story that is not a publishable by book format story but only, go read my writings out there, and you see the linkages to it, sooner or later..

GAdes the birds are loud this morning, but we have lots of windows open, it is hot in here and muggy and damn it is 84 in here, no wonder I am hot and bothered for the temperture ( got hard notes to look at there is a linkage to Rachel's Program I spoke to a friend the other day, it was a sunday think it was like yesterday , but know what time I was or where, okay Jay,, got your noted box, element 134 are going out in the post today, take them sell them and ifyou get arrested it is your own damn fault for selling to the undercover dea guys, ahahaha yes truism... they are there, they are ther Yoda would laugh like mad little kid digging in the boxes tossing things, and then I did go hunting for the suitcase, but found the bottle jar lid,, felt it under the chaos pile, then said, it's glass what is this glass then shook it in the dark, then could not remember then opening it reached inside, then felt oddly shaped pieces still not know, but supect and then felt the ( or ) shap and go,,, ummm that is a Meal Worm,,, Oh cool I foinduned the spare chicky food, you go girl I hunt you and mom said, did you find her and I said, umm, what you think I not screaming she's lost here or something, of course, GOd Only knows where he got her from, but god told us all on that day last year on the 13th of July that um well duh,, don't be dense mom,, God is inCharge, he and we finally to rest bury oldest known to my mind virgin girl Aunt Pearl, 84 years old,, (( note to the shitty heads out there, you go ahead and make your already thinking thoughts, you go write about it, out there bully comments about virgin old maid at 84 and the ISIS folks, you go read last blcoked iced cubes story you get shit for brains and meal worms for teeth too, he,he hhh you deal wi th God not me,, I not care, god got you in his grasp you know not how, if you know not, I no care carry trade you there, I not responsible for you, he take you liszards out and feed them to the worms and you scream your frozen dead dreams like you usually do, and you see the Penny show up and well I got almost all my mad bad hate out at you so,, um hi there, you be scared or not,, no I care I no Kuiilll you I nimoy spocked psotsed, I J J in Fringe liknes saying, I go the trio di menisoional all righerting here I am the Janitor..

I am the Janitro,, er you dislaxi you need me, you got my phone it's linked in here, my addy too, you big bad ass sys admin dea a nsa dude, you dud,, or coded sys admin to me, I no care, Rachel's system is Active and on killllllllllllll it if you make mistake near the fire walls,, oky dokey to you..?

end of post

Christ is Risen
Chrles is awake,, only get 1.5 hours dead sleep this week,, about 90 hours of REM while wide eyed in the daylight or dark awake, as I can REM in the wakeful hours too, you want to know JEDI mind tricks you ask,, might take me years to train you to see them if you already not know how.. but it is way cool and you will dream dreams you still have no clue how powerful you humans really are.. seriously you canshake the universe for a few millionith of a milllllli pini..... the T-shirt Read

And I quote it


lol,, I see you Rachel, and you glower girl I see you glower at me and make me a target to kill me,, I see you targeting me I did, and I liked it.

end of post for real now


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