Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rose Water and Student # 305

Dear Readers,

The Roses are in bloom and I have sent out a few baskets of Rose and flower petals to freshen up offices and people's houses. But I am also making a lrge amount of Rose water and rose petal blends for later use in cooking and confections.

I met with Student #305 over the weekend, I even have his business card. Though i have yet to go get mine from the Artist (Mr West) as I have not seen him much this month, Pokes self, posts a note on the mainframe here and thinks I might remember to read it sooner or later. Matthew if you read this, Call me, we can get together and shoot some galatic pool somewhere and see if you are better than me in the pool department or if I am just full of warmer air than others, Heh, Laughs a bit at that idea. I am always fullish of hot air, unless I am in a below freezing room for a long time and my air starts to take a turn south in the temperatures. Oh to have a minus 40 degree room handy to go walk about in, and just hang out waiting for my legs to tell me they are finally cold enough to want to get back in the warmth.

Do remind me about the roasted green shoots of spring, Please, they won't last long I expect, as if they can't be flown in from some South American Country and grilled to the salty smoke flavor those were.

Plantopia is openning up on the tail end of North Hills Bvd. in North Little Rock, their open house is on Friday the 15th 5:30 to 8:30 Pm. They have a nice selection of plants. I have several that I wish I had, the KumQuats are the Malawi variety they are sweet instead of Tart centers, and bigger so there is a lot more flesh that is sweet and tasty. If you have a place to winter them over, they can handle the cool climates of Arkansas, but have to be protected from frost and snow. We had to many cold days this past winter season, so they'd have had to under lights or in a warm garage over wintering.

I grew some from seed once, but they didn't make it over the winter in the container I had them in, even though it was warm I forgot to water them and they died. So if you have them growing remember they are evergreens and need watering in the off season and need light too. Just another one of those things to prove to me I am not dead and in heaven yet, as I'd not make that mistake up there, as up there there are no mistakes or tears or fretting about things.

Pool playing, I wish I had a big pool to play in, or go swimming in, anything beg enough to have Koi in it, and running water and muddy or sandy bottom or eve rocks and or a solid bottom, but deep like about 4 to 20 feet deep, so we can hide a sea monster in it for the kids to scream about when it comes up for a breath.

Pool Playing with the cue ball and some other balls just slightly smaller with some numbers on them, would be great too. There seem to be several places that will be opening up for that soon in the other areas of the local region. I might see if I can learn something from a group of them later in the year, join a league or something, if I have the time or if I have the energy, form my own little group up, heh, never going to have the time to set aside 20 hours a week for anything but bottle cap collecting. Which reminds me someone has a box that had the symbols M M F and $200 on the top cover, it was from a local bank that I do business with, and held at one time 200 dollars in $1 coins in rolls. 8 of the rolls at 25$ per roll for a grand total of 200 dollars. I got one of them from the bank I do business with the most in the coin collecting trade. I loaned the box to a new bartender to collect beer bottle caps in, and then she can't find it, as it seems someone trashed it or took it home with themselves, likely it's in a trash pile at the Waste Management area in the east part of the County being used to make compost. Which will be hard, as the box has fiberglass in it and other materials to make it hard to compact and can't be just wetted down and torn apart, it will have to be shreded by metal teeth and even then won't make good compost. So if you have the box, keep it, it is worth about 5 bucks new, by itself.

I got to go check on my Mullberries and see which ones I can munch on and which ones are going to be out there for a while longer. More plants to grow, as I check all my frozen seeds (kept in freezer to extend lifetimes) most of them sprouted and now I got to get them into some soil to fix them into larger plants. goind to frame up a few chicken wire plant bed protectors, to keep Chicky from digging for worms and such in them as I plant the Purple Hulls and the melons and peppers and tomatoes, amoung other summer crops. The herb kitchen garden is still producing and I need to go get some mint from my neighbors flower beds, He said I am free to get the ones I like. There are lots of Little ones coming up in the spring area by the water source.

Well that seems to be the news at the BioWebScape front room and the other bits are just the news from the edges of the Universe.

We are the first Dyson Sphere, fiction shows us what Babylon5 could have done with a 5 mile long space station, and wht Star Trek could think up, in both the fan fiction and the Shows, and what the Death Star could be thought up on a galaxy far far away or the StarGate series of the Universe and all those thoughts about those creature out there. But what if We are the only ones in the worlds of the Universe?

What if we are it?

What if we are the ones they will be thinking about in the billion years from now worlds of the universe beyon the heard and now?

I am not like Dr Clarke I am not afraid to think that thought, I am in fact rather fond of the thought myself, that I am or could be the father of many thinking machines or people as you might be called in the future. That you all could know me as a friend that grew old and stayed around for 50 more years past the ideas I had told you about while you were growing up in your teens and your 20's and your 30's and now, you are all in your 60's to 90's and still aware that I am still alive some where in the outer reaches of the universe telling you things, about the worlds that you see popping up all over the place. And you knew me when you were young so you know I am being truthful and that truth is setting you free from your desk jobs, and your worries. But it isn't all cake and ice cream though there are some screams and shouts, mostly for better flavors on your home planets, and the cake needs to be bigger than the last year's size was.

Party on dudes, and dudettes, the future is here and it is full of bright spots, if you have fears, then turn them over to someone that can handle them just fine, I'd suggest Christ, but if you have others that can handle them better than him, well bully for you.

Your friend and brother,


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