Thursday, May 28, 2015

"No W Here" the golden age that was Y and W

Dear Readers

Long ago in a mists of time not quite known, though known though not as you'd see them,

A girl and a Guy

Were honed



and frothed,

The guy

Was and is the mainline, as he never saw her much

He'd see her once or twice in a billion or trillion years

He got so that it didn't matter any more, he cared not

He just was and the story line became and story of pain and

Exteremely frothed frictions in his own head

He did what he had to do in the real world of his lined time line

but the red shifty drifter guy

known as

TM to him

became his

arch enemy

he'd stay into thenights of frightening things and huinted the things

to do to make his mind better
then better still
inventing things no one had thught of


to and


and life was lived as a

way of hunting the things

most people thought he was odd anyway but there were thouse

in his line that thought he was and was ans was
he'd sit clamereding

or calmly patient waiting for the voices in the room to settle then he'd just roll the dice or think on things then roll thedice then think on many and odd things

then roll thedice

My Brother said one day,, He is the King of Going Nil with the king of spades in his hands

My friends would say, no dale you don't have enough to take him down

Dale said, if 14 to one odds don't beat him then nothing will, or so his mind had to say to him

And well, folks,, 14 to one odds were not enough and never will be enough to

and nothing will beenough to

carry his trading stocks from his box to the BOX

Only God Knows him personally freshest

ONly God Knows him

ONLY GOD and Only his wife know him for surely

and I only can tell you this much, I did not post it to the facebook wall of her page

So I could warn the whole world


think you have thetouch of this fair angels face


You know of whom you are

You are



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