Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Facing bottle necks and hunting people lost in the edges of the world

Dear Readers,

Busy busy busy busy and more busy.

Helpped about as many people as I could with things, but others heard and asked for help which I will leverage to help them if at all possible.

BioWebScape designers or those that want to eat off their land or yard or how to grow as much food as you can without going out there and tilling the land "farming style" to death. There is a farming method called No-Till, it saves the soil biome so that the Sun's light of heavy UV and IR does not kill it as it is exposed to Ozone depeltion from being turned over. You can do well by not tilling your soils at all. Or at most let a few Free Range chickens do the tilling for the worms, but you will have to use Green ground covers or mulchings to keep the sun from degrading those chicken scratch areas, and Please if you must use gravel in the paths make it large enough or out of the normal foot traffic areas to keep us Barefoot folks from bunching up our faces and yelling ouch at the gravel that hurt the bottoms of our feet. I walk about barefoot 90% of the time.

Kromes is moving so said the Sign, so they move to the block near the river side of the main east west drag, and will be open to all ages and be limited on smoke areas, which is cool. Finally a family friendly place to show kids how to play pool, besides the community centers that are always stressed on needs and usually only have 2 or 3 pool tables for the 50 people that might want them at high peak times.

So there is a Morgan One Dollar Silver Coin again in the carry trade of public and private debt payments. I Hope Sky did not try to go to a Bank to get the money for it, as the bank can only give you 1$ for it, as it was legal tender at one time. Street value will vary but I'd not take less than 50 dollars for it, as it is worth no less than 80 or 90 , just because of it's age and silver content, not counting it's sorta Rare and over 120 years old. So if Sky or others know what this is all about, get in touch with me, thanks.

Gail's Diner that openned last Oct 2014 in the old train car diner car thing on Military and McCarther Roads at the main headwaters into Burn's Park, is a cool place to get breakfast and some lunch. Nice ladies running the place, and the food is fast and very good. I will be coming back for the Pancakes, Well worth the price and fluffy nice and yummy, glad I have some left over.

They changed the floor setup at the Save a Lot in the Pike Plaza shopping center, more open and just Whoa! Dudes Where did you get all these bright new things to sell, same old things, just bright and new. Maybe I was just not looking at the world for too long and it started changing for the better at the edges and I was out of tune.

I told someone the lead in to the "Putin and Obama against the Icecubes" story line today, so I will have to go out and start thinking more in a print form to get it to you bit bye bit by bit buy bite.

Love you all
See you on a flipped up 1 sided rounder called Earth Soon.



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