Sunday, May 03, 2015

Biowebscape designers and the extra supplies

Dear Readers,

If you are a biowebscape Deisgner, and If you aren't go read backa few years and learn that you too can have one, on less than 1/24th of an acre to provide at least almost all your own herbs, for your kitchen garden.

If like me You also have 4 stands of Wheat in this case Hard Red wheat planted by over feeding a chicken the wheat berries and letting her make the patch then trimming it to your path ways, and now I have a permanant stand for wheat and other grains hoping to get a rice patch going, but have to source the rice seeds, almsot time to plant them, but not quite.

I have a caged wheat square where I have an under story of other plants and berries that I have to work on to get up the stand of mixed use, like tomato and pepper and other plants that will grow in the same area as a set of pots or grounded plant if I pull up the walls of the strawberry patch, and rebuild how to protect it from chicky.

Also I have need of finding an outlet of the extra herbs to the food banks around town or locally. As is I am giving them to freidnsa nd family and well I have enough of them ( the others ) to supply them. But as time goes on, and they grow their own needs will have to be sourced out somehow. I know about he ARksawsa food bank, but I have others that are smaller and have the needs as well, or might be the results of the food bank being given to smaller in need local banks.

So where is the space going so far?

The 2 mulberries are coming along just fine they are on the older berries showing a bit of color. There is a vine I'd like to source it's species but haven't yet,

Well got to run time is flying by as i sit here,.... laugh.

Hugs you all, and to all
The peace that christ gives and the love
To one and all,


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