Saturday, May 23, 2015

"No W Here" part xyz105a

Dear Readers,

Yes I am back again and yes this is one of those days when you might and seem to be getting more than one post on. And yes this is another bit about things on that timeline called here and now, but not quite what you thought you were seeing when you openned up the puzzle box.

So without further ad o...

Addy the Martin's twin sister but also a penny full fledge that was looking over her sister's shoulder and seeing the bartender look out at this guy that was also looking at her over her own shoulder was wondering, okay I know this guy and he looks like someone, but I got to keep my back turned to him more than I am now, so she turns her head back around and thinks what is this dream I am having I am seeing Abby Martin in the Youtube Videos on RT talking about this thing called something or other and then I am also seeing this fine steak in front of my hands, and this bar and my sister that I like, but seems so into telling this guy that his ideas are hog wash and he is so into me that he touched my foot and ankle like he knew exactly where to make me feel that feeling again, and I haven't even thought about that since before, well you know, before I was, umm this is got to be a dream, I haven't felt that since that girl did it to me and we have had that wonderful life that no one onearth knows anything about and not even my dear sister that is here with me at this bar right now.

But this has got to be a dream, who are these people, that bartender is just looking so sweet and kind and making eye contact with this leach of a guy, but he touched me there and gave me this look that he'd known me all his life and here I have never met him before, but that voice, it is getting to me, making me sleeply and relaxing me, making it hard to think and are you serious? He likes those kinds of things, wow, men aren't supposed to like that stuff, plants and planets and things the forest has in it in the dark places only us Witches Go.

What is this guy some spirit in a tree, and the bartender what is with her, he looks at her like she knows him and she is just private joke smiling at him, like she'd like to tell him he has a big dude hanging off his shoulder waiting to take him out with a 2 by 4, but not doing so. Um hey wait a minute I know you........

Then the False flashbulb blew up and the cameraman died and the ice crumbled and the IDID troops ran out and killed the whole crew and the other people there, the ISIS guys bled all over the icecube surface and these things with wicked head coverings and those swords that were not swords but flashing fire burning the faces off the IDID troops and the camera crew from russia and the secret service guys for that team from America and the ISIS scum were just trying to run as fast as they could, but this being the top of and Ice Block, it was slippery almost everywhere even where they had laid down the gridwork to stand on.

The scene was chaos and then it settled down as only me and and two others that were with me that morning were left standing there. Me, Abbey Road of Martin and the two FBI guys from the USA. Franklin and Fred, odd combo those two, but they seemed to know that half of this was going to happen as they didn't reach for guns or nothing, they just stood over close by me, and one of them yawned, I swear he yawned.

Fred looked over at Abbey, and thought to himself, you know Franklin would date her in a heart beat if he hadn't met the girl on the plane hours ago. How many hours ago, Fred couldn't rightly remember, the Professor and his daughter were over in another region of the world looking at another ICECUBE and hadn't gotten in touch in a while, but the plane's tech person was what Franklin had been seeking in all his days he seemed to think, and so, Abbey though good looking and all, wasn't going to budge Franklin today. But he noticed her noticing him so he spoke up.

"Hi there, Abbey! Don't be shocked, the things that just showed up, We knew about them a while back and were informed they would make a showing, they aren't totally human, but are totally human, it's a hard thing to think about, but those are one female human. Parts of you are also in them, so you might have felt things like a dream scape floating in and out of your head as it the dream wasn't you and was you and things are odd for females, when these "Penny" Show up. We have been told that they collectively are called one single name, and that is Penny. They arrive at scenes where angels would dare to tread and are exactly that. Angels, in this case they were Fire Angels, killing things, and taking souls to hell mostly, I haven't got all that gears and bells sorted out, but our contact tells me that they come in and protect the good guys, even if you think that some of the people that died were good, those things or people that you saw, were not good guys really, but illusions that you could not see as not real. They look real and act real, but they aren't the There There, but something else, at times other people in dreams and real people awake but not really here. Sorry it all seems mish mash paddy whack. But me and you and Franklin here are the only real live humans up here, and some of those other things not Penny, were indeed trying to kill us, and it looked like a war zone and is, that is real blood freezing up here on this ICECUBE but we have to go now. I think our chopper is about to arrive."

At that a helo came up over the edge of the ICE and swirled into the landing zone.


This above bit, gets you into the old storyline that I told you about a while back, about the FBI guys and their last txt file based story I had been writing yes they talk that way and yes it is sorta like a lecture, Franklin is a bit off the cuff oddball, and Fred can be thick and professor like, but by this time in their story line, they have seen and heard some pretty odd things and seeing that you all have known my other stories and the last bit of story you got earlier, you could see the lay of this line a bit better,....

So you know there will be a....... but not all the slices of the No W Here story will be this laid out, even keel stuff, it is filled with zzztirghss and sansgers and zings and blizzards and yes is the ICECUBE war moive from hell all tied together, in a hellishly cold package called, Hey yall, this is borgsed the Janitor's other self on Alpha Prozxdima Prime Universe 11 telling you that he is about to reset the dial on the mainframe in the Systems admin class in the Univeristy's three D timeline class, so if you will all hold onto your seats and put your drink cups in the holders in front of you, the No W Here movie will start in the section 134,567 xyz part 123 in 3 millionths of a zargon.


So there you have it, two sections of the same story, with a minor editors note and a slice of the current Janitor's section as well, which is literally being created in my own just here for you, universe I call Main Prime, where I do most of my blogging and living, though the story is literally a never ending story that I have for you all to see bits of, and help you see where you might want to fit some of your own reality as you know it to be in with mine. I know it might seem like I am insane and I trully am insane, and in synk and sink and drain lines and pant lines and skirt hems and plant trimmings, but that is just that I am into anything that is part and parcel of human life and can be called the universe and all it's odd bits too.

Just so that you don't think I know this, but I know a few people that do read my blog and some of you new folks have been letting me know you are reading here. and to Matthew, I think I need to either come see you at the bar, or give you a head's up, sometime soon as I haven't gotten back to the club I was telling you about as I am flash cash poor.

Have fun all you folks, Christ loves you.



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