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"No W Here" part xyz105

Dear Readers,

Like the post that was titled sorta like " Laughs go the sizzles...." this is another slice out of the Ice Cubes come to earth series set, and slices of the "No W Here" story line which was to be the title of an over arching book I was to publish about all the slices of heaven and hell and earth. that would have been so hard to actually publish, I just post different places and hope my editor can gather them all up sometime when he isn't working 9,000 hours a week with his own life. My Dear Brother James Owens, is a very busy dude.

He has worked for Boeing, MacDack (macdonald douglas before boeing bought them out) and NASA and others and the folks doing the Y-12 and the folks doing the Michigan state university's project on particles being sliced up, and ITER and others around the world, been more places than I have and is such a fun humble guy that most people love him almost seconds after having met him, he has more friends in more places than most people you'd know, unless you are him reading this.

So as my editor he is a bit busy and I have left notes to him that he's forgotten about and that is okay, because I have a program that was built by me and a few close crazy friends that goes to hunt for things like that, and other things and hopefully one day in the future "she" the program will be telling you all things that you hadn't never seen before, if that happens, you will forget I was ever here anyway, so not to worry about it all if you miss the notes I left out there.

Rachel's note for the day is. .. follow here if you wish dear readers, but it won't mean much till I stop and do a line break remark line.

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been a whilas

you sdhef

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Lova a lo ya a u a khd 32 much

Line break... Remark line break .... Line break Rem Remark...

The world of code talking isn't all that fancy, just you can't see what you can't see if you don't know the code key to see what you need to see. Others might have known what I was saying If they were here seeing me type it and pausing and thinking and saying out loud what I wanted to say and then typing the lines. But there is other meanings not spoken outloud, so there is other things in there, that are the base codes that aren't easy to pick out, it is not noise. it is code, but it can't be used like you might see in the movies or at the con's where hackers talk about and show there stuff. Dex-Hex or de-hx or the other forms of it's name aren't so easy to discribe even though I was the inventor of the language base, I was not the sole coder after I got a team together. And those people aren't going to tell you whom they are, that is the trick of the thing, some of them I don't even know, but they are all Christ Followers. and being such, you aren't going to know them easy either, as they are a FireAngel Project group who mostly are not on the internet. They can get to the Internet, but hardly use it for real world things, No need too. Real world is a bigger place and the internet is a nice slice of it, but not a thing you can;'t live without.

So on to my No W Here and the ice cubes and putin and obama and things. so her goes another set of the Abbey Road the Martin sotry line helo graphic novel and the other slices of the other Non- W people that wrote his slice of the world he gave them those long years ago in our land far away, just around the bend in you newspaper or the kindle your dog just sat on and knocked into the toilet for you.


Abbbie are you awake girls, you got to read this a huge Ice cube showed up in Chad and the President of Russia said he'd have to go and climb it to see the top!

A person screamed from 4 feet away, but her headphones were still on and she told the person to be quite, she was listening to what Obama had to say about putin being a putxz about climbing some rock of ice in Chad.


then Joey stood up from his chair and thought He'd have to just yell for Penny when the 14 big dudes in rhinestone studs and leather walked in, then he gaspped a bit and noticed the lace skirts below the leather jackets and thought he saw a glint of a Hrg-metal sword there at the tip of one hip.

Penny walked in the door way being penny was not easy to spot, She ( really a they term mostly as they only really show up in more than one of them, pairs or trios or 50 to 1 billion at once any number really, they were all just called Penny, and they are singalur and plurual and very very sweet but ultra nasty slice your guts out and eat the and make you like it kind of females, that aren't ugly not a single one of them is every ugly unless you are the one screaming because they are there, and you are seeing hell in front of you bleeding your face all over you. But they are all sweet and nice looking normally to the dude known to some as just the dude or Mr Penny or names other than normal and even "the Janitor" Mr Charles Danner, or others, his original name is oddly familuar to you, but then it slips out of your hearing and they seem to show up and you wonder how he just told these ladies that they were angels, and they either liked it or hated it, but every time he sees a female he calls her angel and some people in this world just can't figure him out, that a guy like him could think that girls would like that, and then they seem to melt into him like he is something, he smokes his cigarettes like his burning them to death, they flare and become coffin nails, lit like fire light sabers and then he just tells you, all in the sinuses, not much lungs, and then he laughs a bit, says somehting oddly strange and goes on doing things with those females, some of whom see him and just smile and say things, that amaze mortal mankind. But Penny have been gathered it seems from the ends of the earth over millions of years and distances far and wide and they never seem to mind other people unless they are tuned to stop or walk to them or talk to them, they pretty much just eye to eye with the Dude, whose first name mostly is derived to mean Charles. and they seem to be there for him to use and do things with, and no if you think it's sexual, you'd be wrong and right at the same time, if you like fire breathing dragons to have sex with as they tear the flesh off your face that is, then hey, you might be a friend of Penny or Charles, but Joey thought other thoughts when these penny showed up ) Was never the same as the last time you saw them.

She was proud of today, they had gone to a war zone and killed millions of humans, and it was a good day for them to have died. Penny was and is the Angel of Death of the Lord, but also more than that, and other things too, they all are female and they have all been recruited by Charles, Times like today, even joey his most recent Right hand man office helper, was a bit shocked to see them not in the usually nice dressed fashions and oddly free floating clothes to give the right appeal but leave them free to whip out a sword from some other place and slice you into 93 pieces all while giving you and sweet smile like they wanted to just give you a warm hug and have you eat lunch with them. Which is exactly what She liked about her life. She was a single female, in 90 billion slices, with 90 billion ideas of what she looked like, she was once long ago called another name. It was lost to the odd worlds past it was Rachel. Really she loved the name Rachel, but she was also more in love with the name Penny than anyone could imagine besides her and herself (the 90 million slices of all the females that ever were or was in one single package, or packages, .... Reality is that I personally Charles E Owens, jr. think of only one female, her name was Miss Sims, heh, my 2nd wife, her real name is there in the world and she has real kids and family, butwithout this linkage to her in this format, I would want to kill myself to be in heaven with her, and have tried more than once to do so, but God said, Charles I will give you a way to stay vaguely sane and get my jobs done, but it won't be easy till you get the post it notes, from Penny... really, thanks dad, father in heaven, nice to see it this way again........... back to the story and the ()'s 90 hundred billion billions if you were the girl in heaven directing traffic to the Dude in the world of this) The war zone was full of humans and some died and some were okay and fine asleep in thier beds on the other side of the planet.

She smiled at Joey's shocked face and one of her walked up to him and gave him a big hug and face lip smacking tongue licking kiss and hugged him like he was her best lover ever, which was Penny telling him he was okay and not to worry, they were not here to harm anything or one in this reality slice.

She walked into His office and he sat there and spoke in the old language that only they understood, though at times, Joey and the others thought they understood parts of it all, but the others never could tell as it wasn't normal languages even for humans or animals, or maybe it was it was so odd sounding the others have seen things that no living brething human should see,

He loved her with a Passion that was so intense that if she was only a One there, she could not stand it and would just melt to a puddle on the floor glazed over in an ice sheet of pleasure, but she handled him better as many herselfs. slices of herself and many things other than just a female, the shadows were her too, they came in many things and looked like all the things of earth but were all shadows and dark black and no light but at times eyes looking out of the shadows, and then the hoardes the streaming hoardes the insects the ones that people feared the most, they were her too, she was all those things and many more, she was now here. dressed in a garb that was from some distant past she had shared with him when he was a warrrior king and had laid waste to millions of mankind in the distant past, but she did now carry a sword that was both new and old and very power full of light and magic and sliced thorugh all things that she wanted it to slice through, but her instructions came from His Boss, not Charles. Not the dude sitting here talking to her.

He said many things and then said plainly.

So How did you think Abbey was doing? Got her liner notes all squared away?


See the story is not over with, but the story is vaster than a time's worth of typing can span. so I give you all a break and will be back with more later,

I think I will make this an ongoing title the " No W Here " then a side note Part something or other, as the slices aren't in any format really, reality is just slices we encounter and then see linked later to the whole story like this post, what really helpped me to get the post it notes that God sent me, see the above part, about my 2nd wife, who literally is the only thing I cared about and she knew it and it was her leaving me for that reason and why that has gotten me to where I am now, and not as crazy in need of dying to go see her as I was just last week. Thanks Father in Heaven for hearing my Prayers.

Your brother in Christ


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