Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Amanda and St. Germain the count of the millions.

Dear Readers,

My sweet dearly beloved, tri daughter, I have not seen nor heard your voice in my ear for about a whole year or so.

I have to send the notes by special courier it seems, the world is agian falling apart.

Those things that were hinting at coming true, didn't get here in time for the liner to make it to safe ground.

The whole of the moon broke up, but gladly that was one of Mars' moons, not ours.

But the man with the steel toed camel van, wovererers and somdheter and then his steed told min in my voices

Oh My ogd Danner, is going to die soon.

I had to let you know

Charles Danner died today, earth central time, earth, beta-prime, not your location in space timers.

The No W and M Here man showed up and strated to spuewers the cues to people

They still have till your local dusk to kill them or the hells of the ditto dancers will come out and play grand hovac and war the hoarse hordes have been staatled, I am tired, my home soil is going down to dust

I have to go dark and bury myself in the Rat Pir and the Pig Rip socks, and then the

Rest of the

your great news is

St Germain Enterprises, will be your's finally,, sweet blood of my not blood, not a vampire like me, but safer still,only a red headed step child of mine, but guardians by a close friend of mine, he is the best that ever was

His place is the Kingship

His is the king's ship,, that will be sent soon they tell me

400 years and going strong, you will be the first queen of the

Blackest section of Arkansas in the Dyson sphere control room protected by

Penny and the Hordes of the Black hole of Calcutta

Yours is the Black bag now

I go to death for a while



Churlish ly stupid dan the green door man backwards masked off the ropes then slice to milloions of dices,, laughs

bitcoined out liner.


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