Monday, May 25, 2015

The Simple bread Part 666, and follow here sam.

Dear Readiers,, yes you not know i dislexic

Ahhha you not a simple to minder,, you are a manager in civil dress code, you are a civil person, you are a goodest person i know today, most bue tttt full St Germain,, no knot know,, yes no,, but see ICSA was Iowa Student computer Associstion, something, called a BBS,, the first kind of babbled controled bulletin board service, like facebook super small in a kernal code, but the coded was in citadel, the language of a guy I know, shoew dname is MRI data server farmer sys admin for a washington state college deptartme of medical research I nkew him personlally and he is likely dressed up as gandalf the grey and they were of the people on the world's stage that know my james Owens brother, would know him, they were his friends too, my bro is 7 ectackly younger almost to the 20th of my 16th,, but I 16ht, he 20th the 17, and 18 and 19,, other days of the caledder yers,

If you follow me on facebook I post coded messages to them, they that know me so darn well I can sucres, curse they see me sucers and they MIC chow, I got darmer biggger hey you know that Adrain PAul is a runner of a big assres paint thingsy in california,, hehe for charity, he mentoring young umbers smarts people the highlander that is the high liner noted DUNE DM ai I am the DM for the for the for the futres party

Remember the poartty i so talked about for a future time in a post not billions ago, on face book on james' wall, the wall at hourse

argh, tired,, but I promise you


I am going to makeyou special taster of my cooking things, you uber sub 0 thing, you are better of the best, your twin, sister of the Amanda, which is the sister of the James, of the 2nd coedes historyis of me.

Their mom is my face to seek, I stablle I sable I ama able charlie the coded messages are tof

fotrt to tuner,, roby row b wade,, wade where james is wade,,, you know know wade, in high watter ,, I wade in the ice cube pool prty thingy,, SAM

Think on this,, I at brother's knoxville house made idea of a huge ice cubed, filled swimming his poool full of ice cubes for a summer hot party fun dip in the biggest bar tenders rally resulted from be being their,, those starkville dr's and thingsy on my facebook walls, I was their presonally samsonite suitcase carry I carry my bartending supplies in to two twin samsonite suticases, I could pack the whole of my liguir closet hidden in them, and take to next venue, when girls at midnight could not be at party, I am a master bartender, they are the kids that I am a mentor too, they have doctorates and bigger better families than I do, but they still same bunch I am still older than them, and still more crazier than them and I am so indebte to them they know my secret names,, they love me just like I love the whole universe...

I have the power of what cxs cs lewis called Godlly love,,

I love it all, I plan it all to have fun everya nd each day un ultimately i have fun every day no matter what the hell happens I have fun doing it, even torturing myself for the @$ er 24 specializedrs I get 1k bitcoined, for consultaions goes to lovcked in 256 bit hard case coded lock box wallet I don't and yes Robin Blaine I did it, asked uber smart dude from my highschool days to do it, he said, sure thing batmat... batman ages i go ages darkis

love you all students of hte dude called the fire angel of starkivlles times

his risen savior is Christ and he was mistaken for the gardener, in the book of one of those gospels,, I am the gardener,, I am the gardener,, Dan gardener, on on,, wargh germany ddmog play it, when pkl was my wife, tibia... tibia,, like bone,, heh,, liked, but they had to actually sleep in the homes, we also have to pay rent for the houses we rented from the game,, and I was bestest Druid with Sword fighting highest score,, that was not his weapon pick as the game was not geared that way, but I was the bestest of the spades going blind nill with the king of spades always in my hand,,, they me and todd newkirk are still trying to source that coded gameing online gambling thingsy,, hehehheheh hey i love you alll

Sam hi ,, hi there am sleepy,, go to , somewhere now,, have noted to get the coco butter to the gavalia coffee whole beans and that and short bred, make my own butter using heavy cream.. I know I chef too..

They will testify for me,, they know I am a chef too, they h ave all eating at my tables,, and been always welcome forever to have me cook anything for them

I am their personally sourced chef



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