Sunday, February 26, 2012

Private Privets, Plants under glass for Terra, Compost Tea to water the garden.

Dear Readers,

The fiction is almost as busy as I am making things for Biowebscape Design(s). I am not sure which gets more head space or room, so I will try to keep them flowing as the weeks run into months.

Oh did anyone notice the Science News, talking about the star 6,500 light years from earth that has a cloud of Buckyballs and other Carbon objects around it, seems they have known of them for years, but this is the first time the buckyball formation has been seen, ( might be the closeness to earth relative, or that it is only 6,500 years ago, I am not going to open that can of worms much, but the sight of them is {{ "Mr Spock what would you think?" " Um,,, I have not clue Cap't totally beats me, maybe you should ask Uhuru, she likes that sort of thing. ( the Mr Spock is not the one you first thought, but the one in the 60's selling child care help to clueless parents. )"}} Seems they have been around a long time, and Buck-Fuller just happened to understand them better than anyone else.

That brings me around to the issues of the BioWebscape Designs I have been working. Lots of people can do the living off of the land, Lots of current terms for them, But mine is that we don't have to be limited, we could have done this long ago, but we kept asking the right questions, but kept letting people tell us, the land couldn't be used that way, or that to go off grid we'd need all of Texas to feed the world or on and on and on with the excuses and the WE-Can't it'd hurt my city and my view and my whatever, whatever. So I got me fixed and thought, look people, stop just looking around for the me $ out of the ideas and Started to think what I could with my head, and God's help think up and just offer it to whomever wanted it, take it or leave it, no worries. If you want to know how to do it all let me teach you what I know, and you can add what you know and we can both gain and the designs get better and then we can teach others and those that like can have and that those that don't can swim their sea lanes with us, and we can all go down the road in a more happy course.

Yes there is this thing called, war, famine, pests and blah blah blah and blah... Christ did say he came not to do away with war, but to start one, it was already going on, and now it is heating up, but I as a Christian do not have to fight anyone, The Turn your other cheek and other things get blurred here. I will turn my other cheek if you are hitting on me. If you are hitting on another I will if I can, defend them and step in the way and let you deal with me and give them time to run, call the police or just sit back and wait till you go away or decide messing with me is not worth your own pain. So take note mean people, I might look old and slow moving, but Terra Today saw me flick my hand out and back in again. Slow is not something I am if I want to move fast. See typing speeds on other posts.

So I am working on set top gardens for the small scale that can be used in the large scales, or just help the Widows have some fresh herbs in the winter time, or something for the Shut-Ins to do while getting better. The kid projects for groups or what not and that can be shared with others and passed around. My mediums right now in this is Plastic Soda and other Drink bottles that I have on hand as My parents have them and they are part of our households recycle stream anyway. I knew about it ages ago, just was in the Manic with a large helping of depression thrown in and that got hard to get back out of, but now that I am here, I am trying to overload my mind on the things that I can design.

Today while at the PotLuck right after Service, Mike a friend of mine, took some pictures of the bag I made up, which is my transport bag, with biowebscape in a nice colorful script pattern and my cell phone number, So if anyone wants to know something, well look here, or Call me. 1-501-551-1961 Don't worry if you get some strange guys voice talking about flipping records or whatnot he is just a crazy employee that I used,,,,,, lol,, okay I haven't changed the message and don't plan on anytime soon, as it does pertain to this now, as well as the other local things I did and still do, just not as much as I used too.

I handed out to Sarah ( sorry I keep forgetting you name's spelling, but meeting your Housemate, was well a Good sign from God to me) As I explained to her, so it is to you too. LOL. I gave Sarah, A Perrier bottle with per mixed dry( as can be, being a living item) Compost tea bottle, just add water and then let set and then decant into the pots, garden whatever. A few grasses under glass in another Perrier Bottle and some seeds of "Rocket" the french spelling and the other name are there, but I can't spell them off hand so am just using the america version. They will grow as they do, and then be used hopefully for a while. they do go to seed in the garden about this time, in fact they seem to do it whenever the plant reaches a certain stage, but maybe I have so much, I don't know they are in more than one stage now.

And then the Privet, It might not make it, going in and out of the show bag wore it out, and the lack of full root base is telling, oh well, it has some grass on top too to say hi world. On the side some young parsley plants about 6 of them and at the bottom a young onion, that can be harvested soon and eaten. and the space used for the parsley or something else.

There Done.

God's peace to you all.


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