Friday, February 24, 2012

Bio update and other news.

Dear Readers,

Well the world can change as if overnight, something like this must have been what those guys back in the old days called a transfiguration, or in this case a rising from the dead or in this case a coming into the kingdom on earth moument.

I was keyyed up, had to get out of the house, and Glenda, If you read this, Thank you from the bottom of my heart and a hearty bow to you all there. ( makes plans to send josh and brad and chris and the gals a few trinkets each month from his travels, just in case they might or might not remember whom I am when they next see me, if the staff changes, well they have my contacts, Off to work I go,, he he he ho ho ho raaaa hoooooooooooooooooooowl zzziiiittttt ssssssssss iiiiii eeee stop but not no sound just so low I have to use real words to tell you about it and then about now a pop and fizzzzzzz. That is my full vocal range, I will save that for a comedy club somewhere, where I can stage an act they never did see, got to put some of the fizzzles out there besides in here I guess.

The Tree was rotten and we knew it, but I am a bit stupidly sttuborn and slow to act on things, Lol,, sounds like What they tell you God is about,, slow to his anger, but when you finally have that intense anger reaction you better get under cover and wait for the lightening storms to slow and drift off as they do with time and windage. The other night I was out and the north faced are off my north shore, was in heavy lightening, but where I was, was just a bit of soft drizzle so I stayed out and even if It had been pouring I would have stayed out, but hey I was out for a smoke break to get the giinnjinglllling out of my system,, energy I had plenty of that, I was trying to reach a balance that is hard for me to reach when I have 400 things to think about and just can't get them all sorted out, but I did go back in after a while and sort out the area of a small shelf, and just deconstruct it and then reconstruct it. You have to do that with things you are trying to mend, fix, repair, move from one home to the other, unpack, repack, all the changes of life literally the same up and down sign wave curves, which brings me to the day that the signwaves were just tingling so badly that I could not figure out what in the world was going on, only to find out that lo and behold that one sign wave guy was born, and then I felt the lines of the pulling of the personhood and all that, seems sorta mystic to think of it that way, but I will tell you they knew about it in Jesus' walking on earth and God's wisedom is far more complex than you will almost ever guess, I have been for decades now, literally asking the tough questions, the ones that no one I trusted, knew the answers to, so in that case the only one I was asking them of was God.

So here I am just doodling along elsewhere and feeling the needling pains and the day before at the Peabody, when I had Two beers, ( on of which I only took two sips of, and put back, so that was 2 sips for 8 bucks, sounded as bad as the 25 year old scotchs and whiskeys ) and One Port and one Ceaser Salad, I was suffering from a migraine, strange for me I usually only have them,,,,, oh wait a minute, I have them when I can't figure something out, and just go to bed for a while, but I have been if not up, then UP , lol, I have not really gotten down the valley of the shadows of the death lately. ( Which means I have been having to readjust others to me as well as readjust me to them) But that day they, the one migraine in two phases, halves, and pain levels was shifting and first my right eye, then my left over the course of about 6 hours I felt like my head was being slowly torn over and off, which is about what happened the same morning when I took out an old soaked madgasgarian vanilla bean from it's bottle, in fact they were 8 of them stuffed in a ( soda bottle from a nature food store from ages ago, like 2008 or so) bottle that was then poured in White rum, the kind is not so important as it has to be 40% at least, and clear, as the aging process turns the rum brown and the alcohol content extracts the oils in the vanilla bean. Putting them in there whole is the best part, I force the issue with putting the max number of beans in the jar and then the rum. In this case a full pound came out to 80 beans and 10 bottles and 8 beans a bottle and that was really cool. was the site online and they have the best beans from all over the world and the best prices I have found from anyone but shops that can get you bigger bulk orders and I don't have those connections, or do, but was not in those areas at the time. I did not even pull the bean out, it had swollen to the point I could not pull it out, so I just used my two favorite kitchen knives and then decapitated it. Laughs my first pound of vanilla beans was bought in 2001 or so and my next ones were bought in 2008 or so I think, looking back on it, I don't rightly know when, as there was a big stink about me having alcohol in the house, as they were fuming that I did not need, Alcohol and I did not need this or that or that and this and some times I did not need both thisthat, or thatthis at once, which if you start playing the numbers and verbage can get rather confusing even for me.

So Here I was on Tuesday morning that I was one place only to hear the howling winds of the world swirling around my feet, the ones you hear on the news, on the rumor line on the TV on the shows on the cable at the bar, the junkish things that tend to fill people's lives to the point that we just can't handle it anymore, and people wonder why people take up drinking to cure things, or that people fuss and fume and we are all in a big pressure cooker and just bubbling away,, which is okay if that is the system you are looking for, so that you can get a lot of things done in a shorter amount of time, the organisationaly amazzzzzing things people can get done seemingly fast and without a lot of movements, Which will come later, heh, When I can walk again as I put a lot of strain just this pass 3 hours from my time 9:55 am to the early about 8:00 am so it was not a bad slice of time.

Well more on this later got to restart my computer,, waves see you on the flip side

May the Peace of the Lord that passes all understanding be yours and mine forever.



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