Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Dear Readers,

Just how many is the earth able to feed and why are they not being fed.

The other day I told a few people that the earth is able to feed the people we have and they looked a little offended that I did not know what I was talking about, as they pointed out people are in starvation mode in several places today.

Biowebscape came about from me posting to the Oildrum on a key post about population or feeding people, one of those two topics. As we are being stressed by them both and others right now.

The amount of land that gets enough rainfall, without carted in water from rivers and creeks and wells is about 14 million Square miles. If all of that land was used, for food production and you only fed 1 person per acre, you would feed 8,960,000,000 people. Okay that is more than we have currently on the planet, So what is up?

We choose not to feed them that is what is up.

We limit people, we tell them to eat bread and water and get by on that so the rulers can have veggies and wine and what not. We limit people from growing foods in their yards cause that would limit the grow the grass that looks better in the eyes of the building associations. We want to have great patches of grass and roads and airports and cities and things where the land is the best for growing food, and then limit the growth of food to the land we have to cart in all the water and the plant foods for and the list goes on and on.

We are our own worst enemy and we just do not seem to care and do not seem to understand that there has been a better way all these years and we just refuse to see it, as then maybe we can go back to our fantasy world on the little bright boxes in front of our faces, as that is better than wondering if we can eat next year when the local high temps hit 110 and the rain is not there.

Drought and flood are going to keep going, but we have boats and we have de-sal plants. We don't have to be slapped around by the way things are, as we are the change that we seek. ( hopefully you are seeking some change, lol).

Do we need to have 30 million huge cars with only one person in them for 1 to 4 hours a day? We seem to have forgotten life without a car is the normal everyday thing for most of the world, and if not then, for most of the time we have been on this world.

Cars aren't the problem,, we are the problem, or our thinking of the issues at hand are the problem.

I have been talking about my designs with my dad about our lot here, only 1/6 of an acre in the middle of the outskirts of a small city in a built up area of a small state. Arkansas, Central area, north of the Arkansas river, and the Capital complex in Little Rock is about 9 miles due south or so. just a few additions and we could have fish, chicken eggs, rabbit meat, and trade good for other people's plants in their yards locally. Just the three of us could if we pushed it a bit more than our energy levels are now up to doing, could live almost totally on the Lot's produce. That would mean that 1 person could live off of 1/18th an acre.

Going back to the top population numbers 1/18th acre goes into 14 million Square miles 161 billion people. Way way more than we'd ever projected people on earth being able to amass and get by. That people see the world in such limiting terms is there in plain colors,

Other's years and years ago, went on vision quests, I wonder how many saw today's world?

Remember to stop letting people tell you, that you are limited to what they want to limit you too. Spot the flaws in their stories that tell you, we have to fight and kill and rule with hate and all that bad stuff cause we just don't have the resources to feed all these people. They are feeding you a line of falsehoods for their own gain, not yours.

Even Religious tensions are for the most part man made tensions.

Let there be light, and there was light. Let there be enlightenment and then all the other stories and writings and threads fall into place.

May the Peace of the Lord be yours.


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