Tuesday, February 07, 2012

They sliced and diced the sizes again.

Dear Readers,

Somewhere in all my dreams they started slicing things, first it was not so noticeable then they did it to my favorite item, Ice Cream. Now we have the big half gallon going to the 1.5 quart, or the one brand that gives us back 2 scoops, to get 1.75 quarts. Why? Portion control seems less likely a reason, because if you wanted to eat as much as you wanted, you'd just buy the bigger sizes like the 5 quart sizes ( which is what some big box stores sell ). Me thinks it is money, I know other people have noticed and I am not the first, but it is getting to where I am finding it inside games and inside the stories that people write and it has gotten to where people are finding it in the restaurants where they are serving you food or changing box sizes on you and you can see the subtle changes as a way of limiting costs and know that things just aren't the same. A place that we get take out from, changed the take out box, and it is smaller, so the food portions, though still generous are slightly smaller, and that bit of difference was so subtle yet so pointed to me, that I started thinking about it, and couldn't stop.

Bacon is one of my favorite foods, Oink Oink it has to still say a bit for me to like it though, those Cooked but fresh to eat packages you first saw in the Big Wholesale clubs, were just great, but then I started looking at the sizes of the slicing. The same as a 3 pound of cooked, was starting to get on my nerves, as it was not the same as my 3 pounds of cooked, and the uncooked were cheaper, so me just buying raw because I'd be able to slice it the way I liked, and cook it the way I liked, and get the better deal out of it. But how many people were being hooked on the easy to use and getting the taste without getting the bacon. When you can slice it paper thin, then cook it then serve it, then literally save the bacon for someone else's bottom line, you start to wonder, where it will all end.

Soon I will start to see can sizes going done, and food contents starting to go down and things will still cost the same, and then they might call 3 leaves of lettuce a salad, and one half a slice of tomato an add on extra. Soon they will charge for each slice of pickle on the 1 dollar burgers, or will they count the sesame seeds too?

Maybe I just want some bacon and don't have any. Maybe it was the last straw when my favorite Chinese take out changed take out boxes and they were smaller than the ones they had before and it was noticeably different. Maybe I just am hungry. Goes off to make lunch.

May you all have peace and something to eat,


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