Monday, February 20, 2012

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Dear Readers,

Two weeks? Really, that long ago I posted, wow, when you are writing non.stop You forget the time flies differently for different people, the weeks have been filled, with Gallery openings, Lunch dates, Sara and a note to her, from me, via Coutrney, Who by the way, I told courtney and she did not have her stamp, so I told her to just stamp her hand on the doodle, and she did, so I will open the doodle and write her own art work for her around that stamped stop. Well where to begin I think at the ending of the Story Charles, Hey hold on a minute sir, did you send me that post it note yet? What are you talking about Jimmy? Oh by the way Jimmy, I don't know if you called me from L. A. or from arkansas But I gave you my Home phone number and well the way things are around here the note might not have gotten to me if you did call my house phone.

So Jimmy, that I met at the Ryan T Schmidt Gallery Opening, If you are reading this I wail the Howling the Officer Said, Are you supposed to be here, I turned back to her and said, You are my Control. She did not say anything, the next time I looked, she was at the end of the block looking, and I outed my smoke and in the trash, task, took my noted and marked for well shall we say, I should have not asked those guys for a light, Off to bed I went, the bar was two doors down I almost went in the wrong counted door ways, that street is longer that it looks.

Gusano's I had pizza sticks, and my pool stick, broke down to two parts, lest while I was gone someone mistake it for the house sticks, kids, not knowing would look and not touch on a broken stick, but well long story shorter than it was, cause that was only sunday and I met you on Friday and this is Tuesday and well two weeks flew by in the springtime this year and It is a New Moon today, the 21st of the 2second's months, that this year is scarey they said. Why I asked, they said 3 of them I thought, #3$ What? Huh? Who Were they planning on telling, The 3 13ths of friday this year of our lord 2012, The album cover will have the 2021 album logo on it soon, as I am still designing that for my brother's birthday present on his wife's birthday of the one of them 13 of fridays,,,, In july.. Happy Birth day marlene, I wish as many as I can learn to live with, To you Two Too. There I in four words just used all three 2's and the forth()fourth()4th word was You........

You out there, Hello New Reader.

Wow Streams of living waters, and a lot of living creatures are joining my yard, the Cactus is planned on being put up in a bucket and moved the sunny spots, where when it gets bigger can be a center of the Mex-tex-dex-hex fair, where the waters meet the sea and the desert and not the dessert will be, I have planned out, the yard on my 1/6th of an acre area.

In the front side there is a spring and the back side a sea, and the seen passage of the time line will be in the future when I can actually get the word out of my head and into a note for Ryan, to tell him that the side to side on the unfinished art print of the one on the wall has to not be wider than a Stud to Stud middle ground or in the parlance of the construction and Architecture notes of working drawings in plain english just at 16 inches. That is the side to side, the top to bottom is of course the not known by me, as that is your painting as yet unfinished, that I can not guess as to the size of the print, But as You will label it as you like as It is over the course of timing the choice of the aRtist. I R Not here Or there, I R @ home turf, office in the living room, dad's office in the formally known, extra bedroom that has served as an extra bed place space, and my garden's storage place of all my spare seeds and all the jars of all the foods we canned up over the years, It was a big Big almost as tall as the roof's top, there is a lot of small stuff packed the walls in that hall of well the stuffed in the stuffed place, the Furnace and A C access is the door to the right as you walk in and the opening now has pants, thinning the space and the Long art lines of T squares and the other papers and art work things and big paper storage is behind the door, the cabinet is the one we had in Germany before my brother was born, which makes it over ummm lets see I am really older than him, and though he greyed faster than I did I still look, um different as I am bigger than almost all the first cousins I have, but not really. I am though the biggest of the boys of the boys. Cousin Don and Micheal (sp) sorry dude I know I should know,, but the story is out, I told them about you guys tying me up to the chair in one the rooms upstairs when I was visiting you at the former farm place and that was so long ago All I remember was corn feild and motor bike and mike and me and you Don and those ropes and them wondered where I was and them out looking as I came in from upstairs as sneaky as I could and told them a bold lie that I was really outside and not upstairs tied to a chair that you were having revenge for me being an annoying little brat of a cousin and I loved every minute of the 007 training you gave me and I say this with pride I wanted you to have made it harder to have gotten out, but I just started feeling my way around the knots of the ties that bind men together as blood relatives and older than you I am not Don you are the oldest of the oldest I am the oldest of the youngest and I have no kids to share this with but yours, and my readers. I facebook what I can, but this is my space to scape the scenes in my oft times manic ride of fiction and fantasy and fact and tongue twisting twisted sisters of the hip hop boy band called the hip hop kill the zombies, kill the zombies, No not you Soad< I know you read and you are cool and I hope to see you soon on Runescape, where you can find me as Dan Ur. and BioWebscape, But you all out there in RS land know that as a big bad game I am the Guy in the Chef's hat, the Ge Standing bank dude the Isaah I will give you the door key to my private banking fund fyi is the new Taverly bank if the system is not lagged back I Have been off game to do system maintaince at a friends house in hi basement and not filled with water like Church was sunday but hey he has a down hill slope and not a boat in sight. But back the story goes to the random event of the past 2 weeks.

Zoner I am out of time the shoulder muscles tell me that typing full tilt at the rock and roll pace of the rocking rock step runner down the wyom,ing face of Veed a Voo,,, that is the only way I can say it, but I was lost in an aspen swamp in my hiking boots that are still in my personal gear, and they are what going on ge that was the Janet Era,, and Janey if you read this, No I don't rock hop down full speed rock scapes in Wyoming, I do though Boulder up and down things that most people that see me do the Light Sabre Pool stick trick, Go Oh Wow, Is he really what he just told those kids from Texas that I met on sunday and they saw a 10 or 8 band band playing at the formally known ALL TELL arena,,, but I digress of progress faster a bit slower than I was at full tilt then when I met the guys in the Ryan T Schmidt Gallery and I hid a nose print on the big Tri-Tear-Drop Thing hanging in the swinging string front window,, Only my Shadow knows, And heck I don't even know the Names of the Angels and Anles that God uses to protect his smaller kids, let alone me. I do know a lot of people by face and,, Even though Steve Giger Says He saw me, I have not a clue where, but I never forget a face and Steve this a Shout out to Giger the Right Angle Tiger that I met at the Bar back door the food was fantasy on a tray and the service was As IF I was in heaven for a greek wedding and the show was fan- Tas- Tic.

Got to run fly a kite in the night skies over the yard arm in my room and Ryan I will get on your site, then I if I ,, well the internet was not working at my bar today, Spectators, Not mine, but I was there doing the things I do there and well,, um I will drop you a not here,a nd there and everywhere I know to call, you I have your number, buzzzzes offf to go to sleeppppppp!

Okay not, I type and I practice Nine Inch nail driving C. A. I can not type the name of the game sI play that would be a state secret, shhhhhh, I am a blow dart artist, I can hit targets with target cads, and disks of light rays and CD's and Shine on and shine on and shine on.

Shoe slime man,, shllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll shh this is a no talk zone sir.

May the speeeded up Peace of the Lord that passes even my understandig of such things, be to everyone on earth a merry good night Ho HO HO ho.

Santa, was here today,



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