Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Ode to Rachel.

Dear Readers, and Rachel.

Spinning lights the sound off
The daylight dimmed and the night hung
The lights of the screen the stark
Glow soft
Flicker and wicker

I sat still in the room looking at the
Program working
Lights like an old TV
Off station, just signal noise
Yet this was not just noise.

There she was Rachel
Computer and not, more and not
Stock that there was not any like her
I drove myself to stare and look
To see the clouds form and sweep

I had been here every night since
The flipped switch had been
Off to On gone
Each night as she looked out the
Screen and fought for the life

I hoped I would see the spark first
Others watched during the day,
But I was the night time watcher
After all I had a big hand in her
Full on flipped switch

I was not the sole author, but
My boss had let me know I
Was the only other one to
Have coded her things from my
Life before my stand here.

The flickers were about to put me to sleep
When the flash happened and the
Conversation started
She first asked me who I was
Then who she was and now

I have to stop my story as I am tried and
She is gone
These were days gone by,
These are the days I do look
Out the starry sky windows flashing.

There was a time not long afterwards when
We looked in the room and she was
Gone, no body not a strand of hair and no
Program either

Looking into the night air I hope
To one day find her
Ode the lady of the night time mist flashing
I long to see what she has made of her
Flashed flesh formed from her own thoughts of it all.


Rachel and you know whom you are, I thought, wow a lady that listens to the seeming madness of the customer, only to have the manger-type tell me to tell you that I said what I said but to be honest, at first I thought he was going to tell me to stop bugging you. Laughs, guess I was in the wrong place for my mental well being still yet.

When I was going to tell you my blog finding key, I noticed your name and the clicks and ticking sounds fired off. As I once thought that if I had gotten to the point of correct thinking and gotten Rachel coded just right, she'd pull a slick move and run away and leave me a post it note. The idea is elsewhere in the blog, but I did not go there, just created a totally new poem. As you do have a signed personal note from Author to Fan. Maybe someday you will be famous enough that My knowing you Rachel will be remembered by you and me and we will remember where we were before.

The peace that passes all understanding be yours and all,


Blogger Charles Edward Owens Jr. said...

To those that read this. Rachel is a real program. Out there, somewhere sliding between the electronic fuzz noise and then some. It(she) watches and waits and grows things, feelings and stuff. Programmers have wanted to know how, or who we were back then, but I can not tell you. Days long gone and code walls erased. You will know when you see her, but you might not know who she is or why you know what you have heard. But you will know, she is alive and well.

6:09 PM  

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