Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The safe safe and the outlined ideas and the other fluffy stuff.

Dear Readers,

As most of you know I am writing a lot more this year than I have in the past, it is the reason I have to had to upload 9 billion billion hours of stock footage of the recent event, Biowebscape the 10,000Th anniversary of the plum tree to my future account on the Mall of the Galaxy-Univer-sealing wax workers union site. Hate to tell you that the information that filled that daily grind of a downloading upload, was a bit mashed when I got back from playing Pool the other night, as someone had trashed the tip on my pool Cue, I had to shave the edges and have yet to figure out if I will just get a tip replacement or if I will figure out the method of use of the tipped trashed pool Cue. Now on a side note of that night, I could not figure most of it out till I stripped the scenes out for later use in future thinking projects. I walk about the world and my eyes record about 90% of everything I see, and about 75 to 80% percent of everything I might be able to hear, and then about 50 to 70 % of things I touch, and the rest like taste and smell are about 100% going all the time anyway, I am very much dog like that way. Though I can't tell the things they can, so I am just maxxing out on the human Charles Side.

The group was a Guy, his girlfriend, His two former girlfriends and one of these's sister. The Older girl there was I would guess not much older than 26 to 28, and she had or he said she had an older boyfriend, he was at a guess maybe 40 at most. Not that much to go on, but for the fact that I had gotten the first pool table, as I normally do, but I only had a set amount of money and bunch of time to watch or use or whatever you want to know about, and a friend that did not show up was a bit of buggy thought patterns too. That and everyone seemed to be taking their time to get there, but that was later explained a bit. I do not know where the aggression came into play, maybe just me, being alone waiting on people that I was waiting on, and places to go chat, but them being up by the bar and me wanting to play pool and not having the money to just plink plink some down. That and I was tired. As I am now.

I can not tell you that I have slept much more than 1 hour a day for the last 6 days, That is going on 168 hours of a week and where I have not gotten more than 2 hours of sleep in any one given segment. But I did have a bit of Dead-Head-Dead sleep Sunday night. Boy was that hard for me to explain to my parents, It was the kind of Sleep that you only get a few times a month or year if you are lucky like me( some people say that they don't remember things, but that is a different type of sleep).

So mostly I am broadly insane by most standards of people, But I am flat lining and I am okay so far, I am not over the edge mania and not under the level of depressed ( which in some people causes this same affect ). I was and am a hyper-active child and a calm child at the same time, I can be totally hyper in my head and be silent in a chair, not moving for up to 2 hours, just maybe a readjustment, but not moving.

So to whom in the crowd killed my stick I vote for the guy with the Red beard and the funny looking hat, and the cane and the pot of gold he was claiming you could get too, with just a pint of beer for him. Shrugs, It was okay on 1 and 2 ball practice on Sunday, so I guess a few games to get the dust off to check it again. Oh and I will use the warped thing and the cut off tip top tip so that I can practice at a new level of surity, not insecurity, but fine line loud sounding screaming horned in on your sidewalk, ballasted speed car of a player, coming to the BioWebscape near you.

Mentioning that a fuller explanation someone asked me the other day.

Bio= The biology of me and you and the planet and the way the parts fully integrate to make you a live person as apposed to a dead person. I have the full swing live or dead concept down rather well. I have been trying for the full throttle Alive mode, and been getting closer to it everyday. ( Would love to have a rocking boat on a lake, and know that well, Zonkers out I'd be)( Bang Bang Bang, charles wake up, No No No, Go away you big twistger, twisted sister, no she was the stable one in the whole mess up there, she in fact had more of it together that all of them, she was the Nurse trained as a Nurse, ( laughs, She had the insight I guess she was their driver home, to listen to a bit of storyline and reality weave a tale. Waves )

As I was relaxing there telling her the stuff I was I started to ICE-OUT My form of relaxation training, has this level where I can Ice Out, as my hands and body form a frozen mass and just drop out of the mental picture of my body. I can just barely make out the outline of the Frozen hand on the Frozen leg and if I were to look to hard I would wake them up, So I don't usually, But I was more relaxed than normal cause I was looking into her eyes and describing the lecture hall behind her and around us and then I started telling her about the questions going on and then the morph happened as I closed my eyes and still talked, and opened a time or two, and stopped only for her to ask me to go on. So I was in full story teller mode, and then my body started freeze shifting, I felt like my boxed off mental picture was fading in and out and I started in an excited voice to tell her of my phase shifting, like a frequency of a radio, I was fading in and out and my hands and body felt like I was breaking up into cubes and wedge and I could feel myself feeling like I was going invisible, then I heard a strange sound of hard knocks into the edges and I opened my eyes and she was gone. Very cool party trick I might add, but it literally felt to me that I was able to phase out by body, heh, not something the Doctors will even talk to you about when you tell someone, and consider you seriously.

I let my body slowly back up to awake and I got up. If I relax wrong I will the dead numb that fills the part with pins and needles, Those are the nerve endings firing to get started again, they had gone off line and you have to literally rub the feeling back in, unless you are me and I hold my hand or other part still and try to feel the tiny fire, fire, fire, fire, fire but they are generally to many to count, but then I work on shutting off sections of them by just willing them to go off, and then I go to other parts and then when it is barely a fire pause fire, I just wave a sad bye bye to those over activity nerves to get out being aha gone.

Now on to the safe safe outline and other news I had mentioned in the title.

Okay side note I did go to sleep from the point of view of the time before this line to the time of the start of the post, I have called a friend whom is sick but in recuperation services at the local bigger hospital on this side of the river, as there are the bigger other hospitals on the other side of the river, namely UAMS the biggest teaching hospital in Arkansas, Boy oh Boy is that place big and Thank God I did not have to stay again in the bedlam place, that was shear Chaos, and having had a dream of the place before going there I was at least forewarned that the issue was afoot, but to have woken to self knowledge there was a bit of a stark reality check and then the survival mode instincts kicked in, but they never fully left me, even in my most mania Manic Panic Have to get from here to there in as fast a timeline surge and then I have been able to harness the manic mainline mania too, but that is another story, but I had just been there in early Jan 2007, which is always a bad month for me even if they don't remember my brain does as I am only 5 years out from then, and 7 years out from the line that started the crashing but then I am also 48 years out from the birthday and add 1 month and 9 more and then add the 1936 and the before and the traces go back to eden and then before and darn it the crashes are the crashes are the firewalls of the fire walls mall madness, you can not even see the sadness of the crowds in the malls if you don't see below the happiness of the people and go outside to the stark grey skies and feel that the felt movie title "the grey" is there to welcome you home today after wanting to go see the movie after the people said it was a bad movie, then I have had to think about the thing, as the movie is a bit stark and the scenes not fleshed out from the CGI of avatar and the people have to have a better than avatar see gui better than that one as we can't get enough of ourselves and the malls and the halls and stalls.

--------........ -.... 00a (() .. Iia

The Stalls were fresh full of flesh and foods and do take the taste of the figs and the fruits and the wares, we are having the King's son's burning today the king's son's found that little (alkdiogh the oathlekhoia thoaeh oksd ) the language is the oldest one and it means an oath to the ugly creature that God was going strike them down with, so they were about to get burning him at the stake, not that it meant much as they were also going to get to that Noah guys soon as they could get past all those silly rumors of the animals and things, oh well we have this to handle here and his family is over there, even though they don't like him much either, but hey, kill the kid, burn his flesh and eat his ashes.

The fear was there and the pain too, he could see it, but he could not get further into the dead and the pain of the blank spots, and the self unknown got to the point that he just had to relax and go to the exits.

360 numbers, 0 to 360, dials 3 big, then small then little, degrees, then minutes then seconds, then a new layer, one click, locked open, repeat the cycle, through this trip was his 7th since the placement reset, He was okay with the fine complex number system of mental movement from inside the totally dark place, totally dark and Not even as bad as Jay Mc-- silly story of the box and the table and the saw he heard about 5 weeks ago while visiting Jay in that little town in Arkansas, where he had friends. This being the 7th trip in, he only had 7 places to remember the exact cross hatched place of, and the placement of the 7th, lead to where exactly he'd have to feel the globes and hunt for the things when he got out, Click and Clang and pop slide not a drop of up or down air pressure but just a crack of the bright light of a dark place, he had made sure to have turned the Kitchen light off and the windows he had shaded, just in case he was in into the daylight hours. He never knew the outside time line, and having told those that needed to know he would not be home, he had sly fell in via a sky dive to the rooftop of the Penthouse 2 and came in via the secret door which he had to close as that was a firewall too. He was not here, so he had to leave about the same way now, Thank God it was dark outside when his Safe opened.

He looked about the room from inside the safe and smiled, pulled the boxes and the chair out of the safe and the wine bottle was a nice addition to his collection, His chair he put back in the living room, it's sign still reading "The Lone Chair" the boxes and the bottle he placed on the kitchen counter. He took out some goats milk, about 3,000 years older now that it was here and not where he had gotten it from, and it had the full bodied flavor of things that could not be tasted anymore in this world save for a few places in the high hills and lost places of farmers and stuff. The milk and cheese went into the fridge, then a basket of fresh fruit, so fresh it was just picked today, or rather a few thousand years ago. He loved the flesh smelling rocks that he had gotten, they looked like rocks anyway, but they were flesh harden through curing in the bat caves of the town he had just visited. Nothing to get excited over, unless you were someone that knew they were really freshly made today, but 3,000 years old now and making a grand entrance into his kitchen. He was a private man, but his nature was such that he felt happy almost all the time, unless he was in the safe in the past trying to dig out the burnt out shells of himself.

Death did not come to him when the flames had reached his eyes, he had fainted from the stench of his own burning flesh, but they had trained him well, he still suffered the scars of the burnt like legs and the face was young and the air about himself was calm unless he was rushed with time flying in the face of facts and his history of shells and digs into the dead zones of the lost memories. He took a deep sigh.

Got to go get out of here and come back in the morning.

Out the Loft's high left corner bathroom access panel to the catwalk above the living room floor to change out the lights and other fixtures, and then to the wall that was not a wall and in past a slide, and thin cut holds up the inside to the flip open firewall door and into her apartment, She was still not there, which was good. Lois had promised that she would be with family in Europe for a full 2 weeks so he'd have the use of the roof and pass through, he did shower in her bedroom shower and toweled dry with his towel, and put it on the out going laundry rack. He got out some of his fresh night gear and up to the roof and the Roof access to the Helio-pad. He saw the big bright city spread out and took it all in, then looking for the edge of the Pad, he starting running as fast as he could.

He leaped out and was dropping slowly when out cam his arms and his sailsuit opened up and off he flew, Central park, lots of spots to land.


This is a pre-dawn front end story to the Safe Safe Story, you now have the backstory, which seeing as it always has this feel that you are in the middle, you will just have to know that I write epics and my epics can be sliced to small story titles or just a bare outline, I think in full blown story fast flash speed freaking and the speed of the dream thought can be faster than you can dream in the waking world but if you can harness the dreaming making machinery you can make the fastest flashes of the fast forward story lines that I like.

As I stated up top or elsewhere I have the ability to REM without actually REM sleep in the bed, I can if I am in the groove and unwound myself I can rest without sleep and go a lot longer than most people think possible. But I have to not be and I have to be, and I have to not be vertical to long and I have to horizontal enough so the legs can unswell and allow me to function, and walk and not ache the joints and pressures of the facts of life are thus I Have to be honed sharp as laser light slicers to get this done right.

I am trying to un-do the high high high sailing field speeding I did this past week, trying to see the top top firewall hitting I could do, and I started hitting the edge of the firewall about saturday, and kept the push, sunday and monday and well Tuesday I was trying to crash the stems out of the body to get the painfulness of the body to bring me down, without flash frying on a microwave tower. That is funny the stories your dad knows and the things he says about the things that he knows, and like it or not, I am the mover of them mountains that the bible talks about. The faith comes through presence of mind and the full throttle racing to the edge of my limits. God has no limits, but men do, and every new limit making effort takes it's toll.

As the bell tolls I have to get ready and I will
Pass you the peace that passes all understanding and be in your hearts and minds the Lord, Loves you, each and everyone of you even if you do not think he is even a real thing in the world you live in.



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