Friday, February 03, 2012

Today, Today and a toady day it is, oh the frogs.

Dear Readers,

Frogs come out in this weather and so do the toads and the lizards and the snakes if they are warm enough to get out of bed. Me I had to force myself to stay in bed, as my legs were in that painful stage of to many hours up and to many gallons of fluids not out of me, but in them. That and my left knee due to my walking a lot on Tuesday and climbing back up the hillside I went down, is giving me the lecture series "We will remember our knees are not made out of steel cables and gum wrappers" so I have have been getting around for long hauls with a cane as backup. So is getting older than we thought we were when we looked in the mirror what was it just three days ago.

For breakfast I am having a sandwich. White toast ( we had some, got on special and frozen and Dad is trying to use it up for things, I have two slices on my sandwich) mayo ( Kraft is the family favorite, but I can handle other brands, but have to know them first if I will use them for recipes that I have ) and an egg, Mexican cheese mix shred, baloney minced, onion sliced, Omelet. I first put the big 10 inch no-stick skillet on the stove, medium heat, light splash of Light olive oil ( this case crisco brand) , It was about smoke point hot when I threw the minced baloney on, and just had enough time to stir it once and then slice the bits of a growing onion up before it was charring a bit around the edges. Those were stirred, and let to pop and crack at a low setting, as I got two large eggs, with Potassium chloride (I am on my bumex An ubber diuretic ) so as to counter my loosing to much potassium, Pepper and stirred till a light mix. Then I turn the heat up on the pan, to medium, and then pause a few, then pour the egg around the outside of the pan, and fill in as I go. You can pick the pan up and rotate the egg to cover the sauteed meat and onion. I rotate that till the bottom is covered and the egg is starting to think about setting. I lightly sprinkle a Mexican cheese shred that my dad buys ( also by Kraft), just enough to be there, not enough to over power. Now I have to be careful as I plan to flip the whole round Omelet 180 degrees, I wait till the last bits of the egg are as done as can be without the bottom burning, and It just takes a bit of feeling for this point to get it, Then I lift the pan, and wait to calm myself, and count and flip. 95% prefect. I put the pan back on the burner and turn off the heat. I flipped the Omelet out onto a cutting board the same one I has just used, and moved it over, it was still fluffy then, as it cools it will loose that added air fill. I took a piece of bread out and cut around it's edge to get a rough outline of the edges to fit my toasted bread with light coating of mayo on them. This and a Diet Ocean Spray fruit drink mix with Orange Juice added to stretch my Orange Juice, is breakfast, with enough left over eggs for two more meals, maybe my dad will have some, Mom usually drinks breakfast in a special mixture that my dad controls to contents of, though I have made it up a time or two, it is though part of his morning chores. Normally I would be eating this on whole Wheat, but we needed the other bread used up first.

Ten times I wanted to get up and post something in here, and just either did it to facebook or not at all. I have opened up more storyline can's of worms than I have shut recently so you will have a wide range of things to see and read about, from the Zombie-ddd & ddd game idea to the continuing saga of the Safe Safe, aka Business Card offshoot, and the Richard Mann series is still lurking out there, I have an Idea where I might be about to go hunting for the pages I am missing in my notes. I bought recently 10 pounds of Kumquat from They are good to their word, the fruit is fresh and shipped fast and secure and for my area they are cheaper than I could ever have hoped for, I have about 4 pounds left to maybe 5, I think, I have to ship some to my brother as my dad is shipping him a large number of CDs in the on going saga of Auto-philes-one-more-cd-won't-hurt-you. So I thought of piggybacking some orange orbs into the mail as packaging and food for thought and all that.

A Note to Kevin Pride, I have a Fig tree it just is not on my yard, as my east side neighbor gets crops from me and their tree is so much further along in it's life cycle, I will of course be looking for a place to put up one or more so that I have my own and won't have to depend on them if they were to sell the house, as I know they are a bigger family and might need to expand soon. A nice Hispanic American family, She has been a Chef, Tax accountant, studying to be a Nurse, which I think she is still in that almost there degree wise stage, My dad talks to them more than I do. He has the Concrete skills down to a fine T, having done his own driveway and backyard sidewalk and patio, It is the best work I have seen on a driveway ever. But then again he had all the tools and good help to get it done.

I need to get with my water collection again full tilt as we just had a massive rain storm dump a lot of rain on us and it rained again last night and is misty drizzly today, hence the title.

Things that are on the list to plant, Onion, sugar snap peas ( likely in small trays ), bed prep, and thinning of the weeds in some as they are part of the menu, Henbit, and chickweed and others I have yet to get Latin names for and common names. I have several plants in an old phonebook to press and I can either take them to my friend Kevin or I can get them off the internet, I guess I need to also think of a scrap book pressed group of all the plants I have, in a form of living diary and collection source so that people can see things for what they are not just the textual ones here. The artist in me finally kicked in, I guess it was the almost 2 week trip to my brother's house and his asking me to landscape his yard, not a total Biowebscape, but more like a Hey I want this to be as wild and just left like that land space. But I have always tried to use food plants and things for landscaping so it all boils down to the same thing in the end.

Some of the plants that I have the most of, have fallen off the diet of the family beside me, so I guess I have a large gift giving greens supply this year, as my Rocket ( the common US name to the plant ) is in big leaf and some of the older ones are going to seed, I best go out and get them as soon as the rain clears and I can bend my knee enough to pick them at ground level. The Radishes from the fall I am going to let go to seed as I wand to see if I can collect a bunch of the green pods and make a small jar or two of pickles of them, I know they are edible while young from eating them years ago. Stir fries and other sauteed dishes would be a good use of them too, while they are fresh and I do wonder about the rocket seed pods too, makes mental note to check on them.

Dad's thorn less blackberry is about 1,5 times the size of me, and is going to have good spread and hopefully good crop this year. I have a lot of seeds to try and sprout like the Live Oak ones and the Four O'Clocks, and the others I have gathered from local plants and flowering plants that I want to add to my collection. I think I am going to put the edible cactus into a larger pot with a movable base, I can always make one later when it gets bigger, I saw someone using a big pot for their big cactus and the rocks in the bottom for ballast and drainage will be served well. I have the spring fever planning stages going on, but this has to be a 365 day a year process, and things that are never going to end.

I have been putting my name "Biowebscape" out there, half the time I don't even tell them whom I am, just that if they like what they heard me talk about they can find me via that method and use the blog reading skills they already have to look around. So if you meet someone that you know likes this sort of mixture of fictional stories, mirror tricks of smoke and howling and singing and odd comic slapstick stuff and cooking recipes and planting the seeds of the future we have been telling people we want, then guide them here, however you like. I will not be making this a paid for by ads site, if I can help it, if they make it so that I have to pay them to keep the site ad free, I will do so, ( this is not a hint that you should go in that direction, but just a note to my readers.). All my services from fictional poem creation for your use in a party, for romantic notes to your loved ones poems, to comic flip-slips-dips, and all my political movements and even last but not least my Biowebscape Designs, All these are totally free of charge, just ask for help, I will help you as best as I can. This is not about getting rich, as I am richer than any of you could ever hope to give me Money to balance the books in your favor anyway. I am not a totally only on earth person, I have a full time 365 days a year job, working for someone that Has my best interests at heart and His wages are above anyone else's period. I don't even have to worry about moth or flame or anything taking my reward from me for my labors. I do get a small $ amount in the monthly checks and gifts from people and things, but I just that set of funds to get other things done, and not even worrying about never getting that one source again is something were to happen to the USA as a nation or me as a payee from my time in their retirement safety net system. I have a huge reward and I have oft times told people that if God wanted too just give me this place as My Mansion is the Sky I'd more than be happy taking it, even if it were smaller and less land, I'd take it.

Well here I thought I was going to have to get a signed note for this last lady to call my cell phone number and ask for someone named Shawn H........ As she was a collector of debts, she was a bit unhappy with me taking her time up telling her about the story line I literally just wrote in my mind's eye just 36 hours ago, about a guy having put his cellphone number back into the Queue, another guy getting it, and then getting a call from an A I gameshow computer, asking him questions about why he dropped off the grid 5 years ago, only to be.......... Gee I guess I got to get with that one and write it up a bit or you will be stumped as to how utterly funny this mornings call was all about. But I am not nor have I been ever called Shawn,, though the Dog we had me and my first wife, had been named Shawn when it was given to the Pound, and we had the ability to rename her to something better suited to a white cotton puff ball.

Well off to the races, and maybe my knee will stop aching so much as the storm front has almost totally gone over us. But it is not going to be easy as the limp, has harmed my right ankle in the process, ahhhhh so sad, we going to get you a get well card, Just get well and go do the tasks set out today, all 3,005,943,561 and maybe if I can swing it, a pool game in there too. I was trying to decide if I wanted to go to the Looney Bin a local comic club that my Barber friend Jay goes too, but with my legs the way they are, next Friday I think or some time this next month or so. As I also want to go to the Tom Petty concert in town next month and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have rescheduled for Oct. I think, as leader singer has been having foot issues. Sooo,, not much really going on in my life.

I did do a bit of dreaming where I put in a seawater marsh out front, blending into a river delta that goes around the side of the house to a swamp under the big Oak tree and into a Pond about where the old Silver maple was, so that I have a full bodied flow of different plants and many types of food sources in the marshy lands, I have to work out size and depth and elevation concerns but if you can dream it up, give it to an architect or a landscaper to make them a reality and since I am one of each, laughs, I tend to dream big for my small space, and I have all that unused side yard that is neat and just not used for anything still and it being in the shade most of the day I have a lot of uses for it. So if you want such a feature, know that I have the dreams for one myself too.

Well catch me on my facebook page, Charles E. Owens Jr, and see other things I don't double up with on here. As you all know I am very opinionated and all that so you might see more of my strong opinions there than you might see here, as I try to subtle myself into a more clammed up non-slammed up place here and be the calm that I want here.

May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ that passes all understanding be your and may you have a safe day today and till you and I meet again, sing a new song of happy hip hip hop frogs and toady towed toads going about the drive time day.



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