Wednesday, February 22, 2012

dex hex and the genie's fictional story's of my past notes, and then there was a war in a bottled-genie-tabled-turns

Dear Readers,

As I was deloading some sticks of memory, no not the kind that now hang in the usb ports, but the old school kind the notes we author's leave for ourselves in small outlines and then a thought, a title or something. I have thousands of notes, taken while I was a Courier in the Company that my friend Morris was the last person I knew to have worked for them, steady like through all their incarnations, he was there when I get there in the 1996 rat race to find a good job after moving back to North Little Rock with my then second wife, her daugther and Charlene and the Cars that had once been both her's ( 1st's wife's parents got them for her ) The Yellow one was on a flatbed towed by the big 26 foot U-haul which I drove from indy ( the 500 place of speedway fame ) and North Little Rock, They were in the little Blue Station wagon, What kind of car escapes my memory right now, but I liked the Blue one best it was a station wagon and I always loved Station Wagons. The story of the Checker Marathon Station Wagon is for another day, but it was Red and White,, all red and white on top ( Hi there Jade,, I love you still, and there is a side note here this is one has nothing to do about the debate me and Jade had, But I have found a hunk of Jade in my Pyro-Kit-DAK-Hot-boxed set, that is refilled with other memories and stored about the same place as it was before, with a trigger and that is a hair trigger, one that if there is not a sign on the side, and you open it, you had best guard yourselves from the nuker-stupid-moronic thing you just did by opening a locked box in a place like my room cause I leave traps and firewalls that might make the two suitcases a bit angry and if they were opened, well there would be lawyers out to hunt you down, trust me on this, I know several and some of them those 3 know the needs that I have and boom,, don't go rummaging around in my room is all I tell people, there are traps Only I don't know about, I have a huge space in my room. About 11 feet by 11 feet and then just over my tip top reach which is getting back into the level of reach when I was bouldering in the 1981 to 2008 range,, I was walking lines of balance and rock jumping down hill sides and as high up a rock wall as my feet and no ropes could carry me, which would vary. I see a wall and look how to climb it, Someone today in the bar at the Peabody in Little Rock asked me If I could climb the Big 3.5 foot around columns and I told him no. But what was not true is that I just wasn't willing to think about it, I was trying to enjoy a fine Port. Yes those glasses are good, and you put them in a small brandy glass, the head room turns the aroma into the nose space and you can well breath the flavors. Oh to make that story about the columns short, I thought a bit later after that guy was gone, how to climb them, with two slack flat ropes, and some gear and my new Teva size 13 Sandals, But then I don't have Size 13 feet, I just had to big that size I have size 10 to 11 feet depending on the amount of up time I have and the swelling in my legs, which peaked out today to the point that by the time I got down time, I was barely able to walk, or much less bend fast. The wall of something or other would have to have been worth my time really for me to spend time doing it, but the skill is there, just not the weight ratios yet. Okay back to the gear we packed and drove I unloaded some of the stuff and found a Note for the story in the box I was looking at. some ))))) to cover any over arching thoughts that I had during the first and Only single line thought process of this post,, typos and all, leave them there that way, if the corrections are made and you steal the story I will know about it. Laughs like a mad hat-wearing-kid- in a black on black and a red on red on the head space of the bubbles of Brew Also on my tab.

The story is thus,,,,,,,,,,,,,

But first this is a launch code in dex hex for the guys that code my dex hex network the rums are in the gins, and the barn is in the hill foot and the code is to get in the side door not, the front door and not the door you would see in the side of the kill zone the hills have eyes and spies is the guys in the green hilled house shoes in the floor of the jail's floor below, and below that is the sewers and the pipes in the hills have the eyes of the last guy I gave a lighter to. Yes you 5 and 7 and this is the launch code, do not think I am silly,, the is ,,,,

badgerpowhtn not what you think but what I know that is true of the true of the true and the david, Brad , Eddie, K and K and K and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzttttttttt the lighter did not light I am on stick and stick and I have 16 and you go tot he hops skips and the booottttttomms.

This has been a message in a bootle of of of of ofo fof ofofofofoffofofofofofofofof............

Okay back to the Genie in the bottle storyline........

Breaker the beaker,, the beaker was the test tube dumber dumby Jim the Handsome prince of late night frog tv,,, Hope you are having a blast there in the heaven's stage set with beaker, breaker and nod off to sleep the gigers oar up and the shhhhhhhhhhh this is not the story I thought it was,,, shhhhhhh...... dex hex had an incoming ,,,,, one way at both ends the sign said james I have the sign still on the side of your wall by the bed,, I aim to kill no one, and I will teach you to use the spit wads better than me james, Sorry I won't use you as target practice again, Dr. Maybe was here....... and gone again,, off to a card stack int he stacks.

Okay sorry about that,,, had a brain system dump ,w h e n I took a down time break as I had to drink my milk shake,, which by the way was a bit icy cold at the tail end, but I like the recipe,, must get more godiva chocolate chooo chooo choo mix.

The Door opened and the Guy walked into the lite dim room and wondered if the receptionist had gone on a smoke break like he really wanted one now and then the door gently fell shut, then the lights went out, and when he tried to get to the door it was not there, and he swore out loud and the doors got further away from him, but he did not see that, as it was totally pitch black dark, then he saw a scene from the movie "pitch Black" in his head and was about to scram and then the dim glow was there over by the front of his face, but way over there, and then a set of lights started to light up like a set of landing lights and blick blek blink, bit bat,, dit daot dot, then his feet were in a spot light and the sign appeared at his eye lever but in front to the right and then the left too, and it read!

Do not think the thoughts you did when you were in the elevator, I can not answer those kinds of questions.

Then the sound of a few ducks fighting like maybe daffy duck was there with cotton in his mouth and then the sounds seems to hush off the sound's waved him into a breeze was blowing and then the lights came up slowly but stopped at about half past noonish on a dim day in the middle winter blues of the north sea and the North slope, as he was a drill Rig Owner he kind of knew this too.

break break sorry for the breakers

slug alert,,, found a slug trail this morning while hunting for tea to drink stored put side in big bulk bags or case lots, any way, fed said slug but now she/he/it is about half way up my arm, after having gotten picked up packed in to warmth, an the fed meal of white french bread blend, sucked all salt out of it ans gave them the pellet, pardon the pun, she's faster than a snail, half way round upper left arm, have typed this with right hand.

tell you all more later, first pet slug this season,, cool,,, ack, she got tot he tickle zone, and I acked her over to the floor landing zone, they , turn in air and land on back and pack it in, I know about all that, I am a boulder-er myself, anyway she is back in her bowl till I can get her a jar space built, and i needed a terra-rare-eeee-um slug and worm and decay bag area,,, oh yeah,, darn goes to get the glass bottle, when I found her I was taking it out,,, God Works in Mysterious ways, May hte Peace that finds you this morning be as good as my first pet slug and all that other kid in a great playground stuff that happens to us Gardeners,,,,, I told you I am not the normal gardener, I protect life of all the common things and bring life to life again by feeding it, I am after all the only BioWebScape Designer I know, Teaching you all about the webscapes of the bio's of tht pets and trees and things I have in my yard. Well got to go, she is on the cloth over the organ and well when you have an adult slug, you have to fast they get going looking for warm home if you get them.. I got to make her one in my room and the collections area is the seed area that is the dangerzones,,,,, ugh,,, goes to make sure things are slug friends.

To Infinity and Beyond......!!!!!!!!!!!


May God's Good Graces give you a view up out of the Grave where, well, you are turned back into the gardens soil, and may I be turned to worm food and go to where ever God Wants me and all the where evers I go then ,, after I get the team drawn up and the seeds planned,,,,, oh well, his will not mine.


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