Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rain rain mish mash

Getting out in the rain today gave a new meaning to wet. Everything around us is damp or dripping. Then there is the broken tree limps all over the yard across the street, a big Red Oak weighted down with the extra water on it. The wind is finally dying down to a breeze every now and then. But the rain totals for us are going to take weeks to dry out. I know that some places have gotten over 18 inches of rain these past few days, and flooding seems to be everywhere.

My Jerusalem Artichokes look like a tornado hit them, they are mostly all knocked over and lots of them are broken off at the 4 foot mark. Well I guess they are getting the rain they need to get big and juicy for eating later in winter.

I do wonder what weather is going to be like in September, hopefully not anymore of the hot weather we have had. I am one who wears shorts year around because the winters here never get cold enough to wear long pants. But I can't stand it to hot, I like 80 degree days at the most. Summer time is always hard on me.

Rain rain go away, has been running through my mind for the last few hours. If it is dry in the afternoon I am going out to play pool with a friend, if it is not dry, I guess he will play alone.



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