Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Sept. 2007 17th day.

Well I did not keep up my own bargain and write a post everyday for this month, now all my readers and there is a growing lot of them, can't tell if I going to post or not. Well I will try to do better but I can't promise you a rose garden or even a post everyday so suffice it to say you get one post a month and you might have as many as 29 or so more of them, but don't bet on it. If you get more than that one single post you can feel lucky, or whatever other joyous feeling you can muster.

I posted a while back about a new Candy store in the River Market, Chocolates are the name of the sweets but at 2 dollars a mouthful I had to do some heavy writing to work that into my budget, just to sample one of them. But I can say that for $2.19 which was the cost plus tax, which is about as much as an Espresso, I figured why not go for it, I had already had the espresso I might as well figure out if this place was any good or not. Mango, a hunk of lines a nice feeling of a dome top and smooth and flat on the bottom, a mouth full of candy surprise waiting for you to plunge your teeth into. Be careful with this one you can't bite it in half, the center is more fluid than you would expect, I had to plunge it all in and hope I did not drop any in my rush to savor the delight. Now wait for the full flavor to swell, chew slowly and try not to laugh at your pleasure and you will be fine. I can still taste the after effects of the time bomb. Sweet and clear but the subtle hint of chocolate with your mango makes me want to make sure I can budget one a week for a while, but I know better than that I already have to many vices. Three of them as of Tuesday, well make that 4 now we have added a 5th on top of my strained budget, which can I go without, Water, Air, Or my monthly Espresso. Down with the Hot shot of Java up with the delight of a new taste of a new candy every so often for about a dozen so often's that she has flavors for. The Name of the place is C B Chocolat, The where is the Little Rock River Market and for $2.19 and any nice tip you might want to leave you'll have taste buds singing for a few hours at least, begging for more. By the way C B stands for Cocoa Belle. See my Link in my sidebar.

That is it for this post see you back here as soon as you get through rereading last year's posts that you forgot all about.



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