Saturday, September 20, 2008

The signs of the days to come, vote the mules to win at the dog track

I was walking down the sidewalk, about to pass the Peabody when over there in front of the H. U. Lee walled garden out by the street were big signs, kids and adults.

Lo and Behold one of the signs read "GOD HATES FAGS"

I stopped and about gasped but held my breath in and then said, "God does not hate people"

I walked into the west facing doors on the lower level of the Eastern wall on the Convention center or whater that big silverish looking walls hold in them.

I walked out the back doors conversed with the stone turtles and walked out to the edge of the Main Street bridge to go completely around these protestors.

Then walked over to the guy holding the sign that said, "Pray for more dead soldiers" I said more soldiers of the dead, not soldiers of the good.

About at once I heard some yelling and saw the pirates.

Pastafarians, the pirates gland together to stave off the riff raff and heal the rift in their public spaces, Yes I did say Gland together.

Charles, Author at Large, I will be posting more about the pasta-fair-eons soon.


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