Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Power of the spoken

Katie was sitting there drink on the bar I got mine too, and sat there wondering out loud if Charlie the bartender worked out. Katie thought he could pound me if he wanted too, which is about true but neither here nor there. But that got me thinking just about 20 minutes into my woken up head game conversation with myself this early morning. I am about 303.6 pounds and stand about 6'-0" there abouts and really weight 285, but I have water weight due to standing up to long these last 8 days or so. If I were to lay down in a depressed slump, Or be needing better than 4 hours sleep a day, or if I were taking everything into consideration and just laying flat on my back 20 hours a day I would get fine a whole lot faster.

My Doctor yesterday at 11 am or there abouts seeing as I got in yesterday after calling in yesterday morning hoping for next week, or today. I must be red flagged, I entertained the idea of asking him but did not. I went there with a whole mess load of things I wanted for him to cover, but after talking in 3 phone conversations to my Pastor, Pastor Larry of Trinity Lutheran Church, H and Olive streets Park Hill in North Little Rock, has been a patient of Brad's for a while longer than me it seems. Small world, I handed my phone toward Brad and he said hi.

I have on me about 18 to 22 pounds of water weight and Monday night I had over and above that another 22 to 25 pounds of water weight on me. I know I O.D.'d on Lasix to get the weight off fast as I was unable to move my legs pretty much. Not for the faint of heart.

Charlie said he did not work out if he could help it. Then he comes carrying in the cylinders of beer like they are paper toys, I think he even carries the heavy Bud Light one that way. Daily grind can work your muscles a lot more than almost anything else even the workouts.

I can lever to my shoulder 180 pounds and then carry it along. After Tuesday's bit of getting kicked out of a place I leveraged with arm muscles only that stone block and sat it up like a stone henge to the world. Yesterday I showed Big D. that I could carry the full little ones with my right flip-off finger. Then a little later that I could lift it with my 2 pinkie finger, at least for someone to see, not far, but enough to make an impression.

I don't have a picture up on my profile because I have nothing current of myself to my satisfaction and to boot the length of my Hair on my last profile picture is far shorten than it could be if ....But far longer than it is now, an 8 inch pony tail visa via a 24 inch one.

I am bushed again more later
Your Brother In Christ,


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