Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Couch potatoes rise up to revolution

Dear Readers,

Again I am amazed at how fast the forces of darkness can move to hinder people but then again I am also sure my own actions are going to be called into question along the way. While talking to a friend who works somewhere I was basically thrown out with a do not come back or else warning and my friend who's minutes are limited on his cell phone said he'd call me.

I am still the active about howling person that I am, on the way somewhere this afternoon I heard a howl so I howled back. Slow 3 minute count and I got at least 2 more returning howls and returned mine at full pumped to the max volume with my head turned this way and that waiting to hear where the echos rocketed the sounds to. A little bit later or before I talked to a car load of people while waiting at a traffic light. They seem to be the ones that passed me the other night telling me and the whole world that I am that crazy dude.

Laughter ensued from me and I thought that now I rock the Vote I have a following that might or might not know my name. But I have either enemies ,or friends, or people that do not know what to make of me, or people that have never met me, So there you have it a done deal I am trying very hard to keep the friends I have and make as many new ones as possible and any howling fans I can get is bonus.

Danielle if that is how you spell your name, you and I were talking to Daniel the Dog walker Monday night. I like your reddish blond Bryant accented and fun filled attitude, thanks for letting me call you Angel but more importantly thanks for letting me not get my way and getting your name instead. Now I got to ask, why did you not just let me call you angel?

John here is wishing you have better luck while at McDonald's and if you do sue them, I want you to know I will still buy things from them, but you need to be more careful some tile floors slick with water from all the fry oil in the air. As a tile man yourself you should have sand paper on the soles of your shoes. Fancy duds, nice to see you out of uniform. Kevin nice meeting you, and I hope we get to play that game of pool we talked about, bring your 600 dollar pool cue, or at least we can meet up and play where you feel like bringing that sucker too.

Katie, Honest I knew them. Ken again I did introduce you to John did I not, don't fear my friend I don't piss people off when I am trying to have fun at my table's home turf.

Officer Key and Officer Smith thank you for your help in the matter in question I will be calling on your services in the future so you will need to keep that smile you both have.

A Story time break line ********

The potato sat there looking rather pale and run down. The TV was showing some crime fiction show that he had seen the first episode and now was looking at the 100th and was still looking forward to the next 10 million shows just like it. As your average Idaho Spud he looked about average for a small baking potato, but his TV watching skills were from more par for the course than any other couch potato he knew of, unless you talked about Sally-May Red Irish New potato, she was so hot whenever they met for lunch he could just stare at her and not even think all during her talk about the day time soaps she loved to watch. He had to get her a present for French-Fryer-Death Day, he just could not figure out what it was going to be. Just then the door bell rang.

Your Brother in Christ,


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