Friday, September 19, 2008

Tuesday redressed as a Friday in May only its September

Roller coaster rides, falling out of planes backwards while smoking a cigarette faster than most people I have ever met, sliding along the street walking till my foot fall hits just where the back tire was just and seeing if my knee can hit the back bumper as the car drives past, if it pushes the adrenaline to the max then the wall slices sideways and the rush falls off, seeing how fast I can re-hit for the next joy juice bundle ride to free falling max burning, that's what I have been doing the last 80 hours.

Friends introduce me as something. Pool shark, fast smoker, crazy dude from whatever they can think of faster than I can back spin myself off a rock wall and tell people the truth that I am retired and just trying to have a nicer day than I did yesterday and if they want to be there for the ride down hill at full tilt please fasten their seat belts and smile for the camera phone.

I don't ever use the word Can't in as far as I can't do something, at least not till I fully am aware that I can't in real life, real time, fully loaded, and face forward do that whatever it is, only then do I state for a fact that I can't do that either. But then I let my mind play out how I have already written the part for Mr. X and his friends to have done that whatever I could not do in real time, they can do in fiction, or at least I think I can convince myself that they could if this were actually fiction. I do tend to say that I don't have any more money, I don't have any more smokes, I don't own a car you will have to ask the driver if he can. But I never say I can't and I don't like it when other people assume that I can't do something. In fact if they do say that I can't do something I look for the fastest way to prove them wrong in the fastest amount of time in the widest possible set of people looking as to bare witness, unless what they say can't be done is against God's Laws, Or my own afore mentioned list of things I know I can't or won't do.

"He won't be able to clean the whole table off!" As I bend and sight in on the first ball of the 6 left on the table, figuring that at best I could get three but I'd try my best but I keep my mouth shut and just smile. After 3 fell I saw him moving from foot to foot, after 4 fell he intones, "Well maybe he can?" After the last one fell I walked over to lady and asked her if that was what she wanted to do to him or not, and smiled my own private smile that that was the first time in my life that I had sank 6 balls in row ever. 6 out of 8 and you are winning by a long shot and even in tight games you have at least run the risk of winning when you least expected to.

My power midnight snack is heading my way I better cut this short I think the planes are still filling for the next morning's jumpers, off to adrenaline roller coaster heaven.


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