Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Demons and delusional dandies against Demanding Daddy's Damsels."

Dear Readers,

( Authors have noted in the past that epics are hard won, one offers that don't ever make it out of the starting gate, they just sit there on a shelf and reach thermal nuclear explosion force when they gather ever more dust and collections can just go up in a fire ball of, well nuclear fueled star stuff just like those stories you hear on the Hero's of the star's of the Galaxy channel, where they talk about the latest star to form in the nearest to you neighborhood star birth spots, Sorry this is not one of them, I have been advised to get rid of some of my stuff, as there is already a Y12 member in my Family and his advice was to write it off the books and take my leave of the scene and get out the pin and pine for the needling thread I found in my yard today, which is pressed in a book of phone numbers right now to thread out and dry for future use as a biologically useful item in this guy's collection of well, bio web making scape's and all that other stuff, I am not a troll, but he did die yesterday in a kidney of the big foot that was eating him in the bambi voted for first photo-shopped bambi post I made yesterday, he is eating those things that will save him from the Zombies, but I have only one more thing to say then off to the races, Darn it, where did I leave my car keys? Dear did you take them or did dandy-the-ditty take them and sell me out at the bar and grill again? darn his ever changing hide, next time I see him I will skin him for 5 bucks and then tell him I killed bambi's mother and caused all the zombies to cheer. )

Okay if you do not read my facebook wall, you can go there, scan for Charles E. Owens Jr, look for my face in the pile of those people, just match up the face of my blog, with the face of the facebook page they are the same photo...........

Easy as pyro- fire flies taking flight and eating your left arm off at the joint, the one in the left hand, or the lifting joint of the finger also holding the joint, that is still smoking as the embers are burning and you have stopped toking the token as you have seen the zombies walking in the door and they are carrying the big hooded guy as an offering, for um, well not peace, but at least a bit of a more than war like, half time.

The story is streaming live via the membership in the stream live faster and faster club of speed typers that can also sing and speed and drive a car and a motor bike and three girls that are just there for the ride and the guy is there too, looking over the shoulder of the third guy to your lower left asking the kid in the pool hall dusty jacket if they have any more smokes in the boxed machine, but the prices are so high he is still trying to gather the $6,75 to make that one possible, then the chill left the room as the door opened and the Zombies came in holding the big guy by the collar chain link fence he had linked to his hide and seeker jacket so that if they did get to him, they could not bite at him, as the chicken wire was wrapped about him and a shirt vestment, and the steel and zinc chain link fencing was his outer garment and his eyes were covered in the skulled eye cap 3-D squares tipped up on their points, just not wired on the over the nose cross piece, just the over the top node and the side of skull node and the up from the gas breathing mask that made his voice sound just a bit deeper like his efforts were a bit like Darth Vader Where is that film when you need to chill from killing the Zombies?

The Big zombie on his left said this hisssing hiss.

" Misiisisisisisisisiisssss Morsssssss Nssssssooooossswww "

Then he tossed Guiru Nice to the ground with a push, only to have him, sort of roll off the floor but away and standing back up facing them, and then clicking his night stick to let us know his options, had been given him all the time, just that his mind was on a harder target.

"We will give you the Meat when You have given us Bambi back!!" His voice rasped out of his breath mask.

" EEEsssssss GGGGGssssss"

Then the zombies melted backwards out the door and then they just slunk away into the daylight hours, just a few minutes before the Fireworks started going off outside, as the other zombies in the Hoards of Demon Dig-Do-Me tried to take the outer walls and the fire fighters were seen killing with the focused laser vapor poppers, but the charges did not toast all the time. But finally the Zombies retreated and the fireworked sky began to settle down again.

Guiru Nice Turned a slow circle of the room at large.

"Who the hell killed Bambi's Mom?" Was a question and as acid of a one as he could say as his fired black eye Glass-shield-readers scanned everyone in the room at the same time, and then again, and then he seemed to back off and then said.

"Where is the Owner of this bar?"

------------ .................. -------------- ..........

Okay I have had several story like visions of bits of this or that stream into the focus lately, so I thought I would make a long D and D like tales of the Zombies going to take you over and sliced up some of my real design work all rolled into one sought after zombie tale of a guy that is like a , juiced up killing machine making race car driver and the leader of a small group, inside the Community where everyone is now living. I thought just one D-Word was not enough, so made it 3.

Well off to other places and maybe more something else too.

Your Brother is not worried about zombies, as they if needed would get toasted with My Pyro-kill sets, I'd make up, just for such a case. I pass you the Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ, who can deal with anything and everything, so no worries and keep on sleeping a sound night of sleep.

Your Brother in Christ,


Originally written the last of Jan 2012.


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