Monday, January 30, 2012

Biowebscape, Stories, Tiles,and Files, oh hello flies. Guiru-N-Ice.

Dear Readers, and Sara too,

Well I have my first biowebscape consult, for the new year, though she might not know it yet, but I have a 3/4 page 2 sided note/card/letter in an envelope for her, just have to get together a list of known plants I can provide, via house to house sharing.

I have one sixth of an acre under care, though I am not fully in charge of it's management, As I only live here I do not know when the current owner will pass it to me, nor do I want that transition to be shift, in fact I am hoping I don't get the place ever, or maybe when I hit 79. But then again I do not know that the current will says, though it is also true that I did not know the contents of the previous version, I was named only heir of His and his wife's things, but that was done because he had to, before leaving for war duty, in Vietnam. The full bore bloody war of mentally damaging damage that I literally, live with on a daily basis, he is my father, but his personality is so close to mine it is uncanny, but for the side slide notes, of the timing chains of the dates of birth, 1936 v 1963 v one off mine of 17, me 16, his 2 in my last on, there is exactly how many from me to him in a year, um um um calculates, this way 16 to 31 is 15, so a full bore 31 and then a 17 in so then you get 15+17+31 or 63 days, now if you think the world is filled with odd things, you can't imagine my mind playing this mental game, that I once I guess I asked, but for the live life of me I can't think of it now, did I ever figure out the distance from him to me? Him is 36 and I am 63 so the 27 and that is one less than feb, his birth month, so less than a month of Moon-days to give me the year's difference and then the year's numbers in the Moon-days of something else, If I go on, now I will just shut down as I was also just bore bore bore me to sleep thinking of the things it is not, ..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The act of the art of sedation, I have the skill to talk to people and help them sleep, I have had success with my brother and my second wife, and if I talked to her daugther, she'd have never gone to bed, as she invoked my story telling style, it just tried me out as i had to go to work in the morning and was already tried by then anyway. As my fatigue is hitting peak, I have 2 Peek into a fictionally off the wall but based on factual thinking of a compact data translation device method of data crushing and crunching and eating away at the fiber and fabrics of the internet and plant and hard, soft, and wet world we know of as Guiru-N-ice.

I have been composing almost non-stop for the last over 168 hours, or over a week, I haven't a clue when the wall was hit and passed through, but I can guess sometime about 10am to 3 pm today, though when I saw her in a blue sweater I was all aflamed and thought, When and said "when did you find that?" She said, "I have always had it, it is to hot to wear it in the summer, besides.................... and some other conversations I can not tell you about as the proceedings are Private matters between a man and his future that hopefully includes that filled sweater and it's wearer, and for those that actually might read this and known her and me, yeah I once was trying to marry her on Nov 9th,, guess I will again make the future goal, set in a place and time to be announced by the only one that already knows the answer in the future and then again the threaded threads of the plant world I discovered today, and that Kevin Pride could not download from his book to my mind, tells me that either we were just reaching the end of our energy wave connections or that, we were drifting apart on the universal time ship bubble machine ala the matrix of the fine toothed comb of a dex hex erasure machining language fitting up the spitting of the sound of the high octane running machine that was the speed demon car in the cnbc reel of the photos of the world's fastest most expensive cars over 1 million dollars, but the one with the windshield is the one I have been designing glasses for, and she and I were in the car seat, not her, but me and an unnamed her in an oft told storyline, of charles, speeding from here to thinking there with words that seem to be all strung together with a station break.

Yes i think this fast and then some, as I can talk like this and faster than I can type the words, and I can talk to you and the kids behind me with my hands, and I can smoke a Cig-er-regretful that your boat died in the water mr. branson, but I got a design for you to cross in 12 hours and 52 minutes from there to there and not even not stop, touching the water and no need for the hard helmets, just wear a juiced up slice of pi from my sea-farers set of auto-on and auto-off "biowebscape" Bookmark phase II Goggles. Gui-n-the eyesight, plus speeding down the highway at 253 to 280 mph, protection eye gears.

Sara, When you get my note, I need you to fill out the area in the back that is not limited to words and sketches, but can be plant samples or other things that you need to have a handle on. Yes, even if you never intended to or could get in touch with me, your life I can see is filled to the brim of rush rush and you did it with the style of someone that is confident that they can handle everything, but when I mentioned needing a smoke, your need increased, and you thought of it and then gave me one, after I had gotten the calm back to me, and I was okay on a wait and see you for the break, I am okay normally if I can think that I have to also be the calm I am trying to give to people. But not to make this a long drawn out post that you can't finish in one long running path through your world and picking up the glass, and bus that and take the makings of this and that over here, I do invite you to Ryan T Schmidt' Grand Opening Gallery event that is above references to the strange world of my days this last week, on my father's birth day, Feb 17th,, Rsvp by going to He is in town, I would guess not in California, unless he is still traveling back and forth. Nicest guy you could meet on a Sunday afternoon, right after I met a nice Young lady with her head attached well and in need of some different changes in her gardening dim planted back yard, but you have the Tree of Live Oak in the back yard, Oldest known growing Oak species on the planet, ( if not then you have to give me one that is older ). I have a parcel of seeds and you have live trees, So I still don't know where that is, Looks in his head at a full Sat-photo-map, Rick, where are you when I need your information services?

The new guy on the lead scene of the next Halo-safe-safe-card-pool-shark stories is named Guiru Nice. Gui R U Nice, is your GUI Nice to use, are you that guy on TV, I saw on the I GuRu show?

More filled than I thought, with typos I am sure, no time to fix them, oh well, comment if you maxxed out your typo reading levels and have to tell me i have to fix things or you will forever think I am not a good writer!!!?? Okay did you get thea,,, no, main street argenta,, but That is the nature of things, streams of the living water that flow out of God's everlasting and foreverly underestimated and super uber filled Love for us,

Your Brother in Christ,



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