Thursday, January 26, 2012

EE b Doog and other things and a Thought on BioWebScape theory.

Dear Readers,

When you go somewhere unknown without a clue how long it will take to get done, then when you finally finish only to find that you misplaced your cellphone with all your contact numbers in it, and none of them you have bothered, or could have been able to remember as they are all newer and not as easy for you to remember anyway, what do you do?

Me I would not even think to much about it as I have lost my cellphone once or was it twice before, I can't remember, I never put to much thought into a cellphone till 2007 when I was given one as a sort of wedding present from my father. But then I hadn't had one long enough to really get it under my belt and take all the time to spend with it, except for those features like the Calculator, and the voice record and video record and the camera, I did have fun with those features but mine was not able to get those things I recorded off loaded to a place to save them for future use besides my mind's eye, or someone else's eye. But then that all changed when I got my second phone, which was a carbon copy of the first one, even had the other one's SIM card in it, and I did have issues with it, as I still had trouble getting to the old data, such is life they might tell you. First phone I baptised, yes I was pouring water over someones head and the phone got in the way. My head, but the water flow path which I had hoped was off my back, curled around front and into my shirt pocket and my phone when for a little surprise bath.

My second phone was takenbetter care of, expect toward the end, when once, I tossed it into a tree, from the other side of a van. Up over the roof of the van and into the tree, but gently into the lower branches as it was a fully formed and limbed cedar tree and the lower branches on the ground almost and the soft under tree area well, soft. I found it finally, but in the ensuing days I guess I lost it again about the same way, or another one, I did look high and low, even literally turning my room upside down, as I dug through a piled room from one side to the other, and then almost back again when I just plain gave up and put my mattress back down on the frame and laid down. Chaos is such like that at times in our lives when no matter what we do, we can not find something.

So My new phone gets treated about the same way as the first two. I don't much care if I lose it or not now, having learned that losing one that has all those numbers you never wrote down and now is gone, is not worth the hassle of the tearing your room apart to find it. I can not say the same for other people. As the above lead in paragraph is not my phone but was someone else's.

Again What would you do if you were out in the middle of somewhere far from home, amoung people you did not know, and you had no money or way to get home, and No Number to call for help?

I don't know your answer, but hers was to do something, and something and Cry, and Ask for help, I am sure she Prayed. God got her a ride home, via a doctor that she was in the office of, or one of his group. Her phone is still missing as I have not gotten a call telling me it was found. She had a spare with a few bits of time to use on it, the spare backup people often have in the other closet, or drawer. But What if you were her, how would have liked the totally odd feeling of total lost-ness in the age of Computers and Cellphones blending into one almost seamless fabric we call modern life?

Me I would just walk home, or ask for a ride to a town closer than where I was, Or something like that. I have been out in the middle of nowhere I knew and Lost per se. I knew I was in a state, on a road, in an area, in water up to my oops over my head, but I could swim and I could walk, or as in one case, crawl out of where I was. Life is going to be such that you will find all those things you hold as dear gone. Or almost gone, all sorts of things can happen when you mostly least expect them too. What do you do?

part 2 of post.............

BioWebScape my coined and forever ( in the terms of the Internet basically yeah, forever ) linked to me Charles Edward Owens Jr. Not to be out did, but there is of course a few of me out there, so I had to include my picture up top, so that you would know me from all the others that share this name. Me , the self of me is not only me but only me, but if you look at my name you can see maybe 100 or more other faces just like my name's sake but not me, just them, but with the same name like happened in 6th grade here in North Little Rock. As far as I know I have no clue where he is now, the other me with my name. But I wish he were safe and doing well.

So I have been telling people far and wide to just Google "Biowebscape" and go look.

Well the first page they find is the links to the first time I mention and link the name of me to the name of the theories of BioWebScape, all else follows or does not.

So in my morning jaunt into my own Biowebscape experiment, I was pondering that I have this theory of things and I can't tell people I have mastered it, but that I have to have an on going life that I now lead that is my Biowebscape life after and during conception, and forming and baby steps and big steps and well the whole process of being something thought up new, the story will never end as it goes, you don't get to just cut this cake and eat it, you have to follow the atoms of it from the ground to the plate to the ground to the plate to the ground for a while.

I have been staking out plants that I don't know what they are, as lots of this is an edible landscape from plants and seeds I have gathered, ordered and have gotten as gifts to grow in my yard, to see if they will and what works for my tiny little micro-climate and it's little spot. Sort of like the grape vine that lives on one little Island and is over 75 years old and still making grapes for a single bottle of wine made each year. We can't know till we try which will be the plant that will grow and we can't just tear out all of it and start fresh as if that would solve everything.

I am and you are too a work in progress you will never be done, till God ends it all, and Says you are finished. Oh those words again here they go " It is Finished!" Jesus said them a long long Human time ago. Okay! So where is my garden of eden and big sky mansion you ask!

Mine is right here, and I have a lot of work to do, so EE b Doog and if you did not read my facebook page note, that means Goodbye.

Just a be off the wall and backwards, just like life looks from God's point of View as he is done, with his movie wrap party, or is he, umm off the wall I have not a clue what is in store for me in the next ten minutes, do you?

May the peace that passes all understanding be yours,
yours, in Christ.


Blogger Charles Edward Owens Jr. said...

Yeah ye haullers,,, lol, Got to many things to say so I will say this, VAMPIRE's are alive and well too. All 63 trillion of us, eating your blood cells for lunch somewhere on earth or the Ninety Moons of Jupiter and Saturn too, or one space hub near you on a planet you like from here to 8 mashed and laid straight and stood up at that Point with the 3 to one side and the other trillions of parts of a number off forever to the other side, which ever direction you are writing it this weekend which rolls you over from the junis to the julius of our year not even getting to the sept'as and the Octa's and the Deca's chairs of the share space we call earth grand central station up close,,, why of course a movie house near you with none other than Tim curry and company dressesings up for the ride of a lifetime down a queeeeeeenie's carry trader or a China man's Junk near here. lol, party own dudes in his voice of death's door knocking......nor am I a robot it tells me, or a T1 or any Tthat could take 40kv hard trade and still walk out of hte training, wonder if he's been hit that hard in his real life?

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