Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The biggest loser or as I like call myself, Author At Large.

Dear Readers,

I was going to post about one thing then hit the net to hit the wall to hit the news to hit the point that my tabs have almost hit the max before they don't hit the ability to chain up and smoke the faster packages than I can hope to get my post across the thin red line of my flat-lining day, I was and have been trying to hit my personal flat-lining record, where I am fully 100% in the Zone flat liner, Hard liner, the head game I have to play with the people that believe that the head games are the result of the random world pulling its head back and giving me the room to breath and to push the edges of the limits to the edges of the limits to the edges of the things that you are personally able to do.

Yes that will remain for later editors to make into a full blown full throttle longest sentence award, I haven't a clue I really do not care to win that award either, but I am The Author At Large, as I am At large and free to gain and to give and to fly away as a bug that you can split splat, or splash, those aren't cars of Cash, they are Cash's cars, and yes he did get up on the pool table and yes he did put his car on it and yes I did tell him how to race cars while on a pool table, and yes I did not and will not tell you all the story of that one, but to say I know why mothers and fathers have worn them selves to the razzle dazzle thin red line and have been worn out with their kids, they do love them, but they try to control them to much, if you were to let the kids flow, and work with them, but not against them, you swerve as the kid is the race car driver, you are not his catcher's mitt, but you are is and all ways shall be his best friend's best friend, you will always be second place and you got to put yourself in the shoes of someone else for a second, you have to give it your all, you have to die trying to get the right thing that you can win, and then you have to let them rot at this game of life. Yes I said rot at it, be rotten, lose, be second place and always be second to only one other, always be #2 the loser in the game of the winner's circle of friend, the second best is of course the winner but only by the split fine line hair's of the breath of the fresh air, I am proud to be only the Second place winner in a lot of 2 man sports, and I have a goal when I play pool to be the Loser whenever God deems that to be his goal as well, cause we all know that we have to give us up to place God in Charge and if we do that, we are the second place holder in the lineage of the Kingdom. We are not and nor we ever shall be first, Can't ever get there, and never can, but we can be in the winner's circle none the less.

I play to loose, If am playing Cards, I play to lose my king in the spades games, If I have it in my hand, I will always try to give him up to the guy holding the Ace of spades, period end of story, check with the people on my Facebook friends list, check with the people on my brother's James' facebook linkage of our two firend's lists, as they are people we both know and a lot of them have the knowledge to tell you my skills at losing at Spades the King of spades to as many people who I can give the King back to them. Hi all you folks that might see me here, I Loser, I go nill, I get 100 pts for the team, I had the King of spades and .......... 12 other cards that I gave away. Yay me.

I have a linkage for a video, here, I have not watched it, bogs the computer down, but there is a linkage elsewhere about this being a big fat failure, if they are calling the lady a failure for not liking to charge money for her actions on food for the people that eat it, then I call them idiots and uncaring dolts too. But If I am wrong then okay, fine, I will still stand my ground the Failure movement is a liars cheaters way of making people fell bad about the things they do, and that is not What A good Christian would ever do period ,, Period, and I say period.. I hold you the reader and person that I deal with as the best I can make you by myself losing to you and building you up and tearing me down if need be I can use the losing to build my skill set of being the best that there ever was of the edge on favorite to be the last man in the room that is there in the burning building, standing and waiting for the embers and the screams of the others to still and the fire and me and the ears to hear the soft moaning of the lost baby in the fires, I will go top to side to bottom and hunt for the places the fire has not killed total life out of the edges of the wave front and hunt for the last man besides myself in the burn rumbling rump roast of a toasting fire, I might or might not Have to be called out, or drug out holding the last live in there, me or the 1 or more I am holding onto. But I am the last man out of the Hell you are in, if I can get into your personal hell and help you, even if I have to live there for a while I will help you and even risk myself for you to get out alive. That is my pack with more than one person I know, and they are all of you combined, I am the last man left I am the Big Loser that guy int he hard head of hair hat, the man whose legs look like I have been in several fires already getting people of them. I have a skin condition that literally can only be seen as if I am a Dragon, whose fire worn legs in the fire fights of the Dragon wars, makes me a Survivor of the Kill or be killed Days of Yore, when the Dragons ruled the Earth and I am the last one in my neck of the world, others like me are there too, I am the Dragon that Drug out the most, and held hoarding fast to the last dram of the drink, till he is the last of his kind. By the way I am the last of my line, if I do not procreate, I am a Jr. I have no heirs, blood related on my side, but I have some that are Blood haired, so Amanda I now announce, you get the house. If I die as of the note, If I die and they are already gone too, I formerly give you my slice of the pie of the family owned house and all the skills and all my pyro-tech stuff well is yours too.

Goes to watch it to get the feel of the thread then I will see if they do what I think.

I am not shocked to find myself wrong in my first impressions, but I am not wrong in my first impressions, sorry for the flow rate side step. They are telling this young lady that getting money for her goal is the only goal she has,, that is the wrong thing, her goal is to get 100 catering gigs I can get those 100 catering gigs in about 25 days , maybe even less here is how I would do this, and again the people on my facebook can tell you I have catered to them several years long and some of them still if I am in the kitchen I am even if I am so tired that I can not walk and have to use a cane and my hip is hurting for me to even stand, or is that just walk, as it was in Nova-2011, Thanks James for asking me to be the meal provider, sorry dad that the meal was bit sub par for your tastes, but I was just about at my wits end, Where was my chapter on spices and the pages of my supply list is lacking in their house, but the best make do with the least and preform, anyway.

This lady is going and they are all going about it he wrong way, She wants to catch the crowds with her foods and meals and she wants the lime light, the first meal would be by donation only, and invitation too. I would line up the menu, or ad lib, I would pick picky eaters and people that did not much like my cooking too, just to make the deck more stacked against me, and I might,,, see I would do this this way, and that is my style, but for her she is about 24 to 30 so she should already know how to cook that is not the issue, I can cook, just ask anyone on my facebook page, some of them know me for my meals I provided for them free of charge, in our ( brother and mine) dorm room, if I was gone, he did the cooking, and if i was there, I had the food waiting for the folks that if they were to show up got as much as there was available. I never charged for food, I was embarrassed when I did not have money int he fast food places, as I did not want to impose on them. I had not felt that giving away food was a bad thing, LOL.

I still have dreams of feeding you all in a big restaurant in the city of where ever, for free, see a story in this very blog of about 2009 to 2010 time frame, the billionaire that gave the foods away to the people, for free.

This girl on the show, all she need do, is form a pack,, You feed me and I feed you, You give me one name of friend and foe, one of each, and I will invite them and you are the surprise guest afterwards in the game,,,,,,, see there I go rigging it the way I would again.

I have to remember that the world feeds off of the money of green things, the Biowebscape designs are to free me of the given timelines limited knowledge of freely given and freely given and growth and free giving growth and growth and growth and expansion is the best form of growth, how big can I expand if I give you all my extra energy?

Blooming Onions on the menu, all the ingredients on my table is the sum part of my money and stored seeds rotting and growing and you are asked to leave a pile of your leavings here for me to feed the next set of guests on. ( Shit or manure is the Gold mine of the future, Harvesting the waste products of these times, the bits of gold flake you drank last night in the bar drink, the mercury in the blood that you have passed out, the minerals and elements and the shit and the methane and I don't have the system up and working, but I can tell you in a long detailed , shat I discovered is the gold mine of the worms I grow and the humans I feed, I just have to Shatter the construction of the minerally mined elements and phase change the elements and bingo I have a shit in a hand basket gold mine, recovery of all the parts of the per-coal-manure-flow-recycled to power my next blog.

Take no winners, only losers, Lose money, take it out of the pocket, I give almost all my in pocket cash out to the people I am with, waiters and cooks, in the local places, already know this, just ask them. I give them the trend lines If I can.

Okay, back to the main topic of the blog now.

But first a station break, I do not make money for google via this blog, okay chances are just being online makes money for someone, as you are eye's on page seeing the ads on page and the revenuers love you. But I degress, I spent the day with a friend and fellow author and Comic and mainline job Father and sometimes Barber at "Back Porch Barber Shop" in the edges of Parkhill area of North Little Rock Arkansas. Not that he does not have hairs to slice, it is just that he is a local, and the big box hair places might not know your history or give you a stand up comic run through for free, or the advice of a Christian with his own, or gee I know most of you are not even in the USA, so if you are visiting the USA and in Little Rock area, his collection of wall art, is the best I have seen and you should at least go in a see that even if you do not have time to have him slice your hairs off the head.

I am the biggest Loser, and a total loss, I died again this afternoon, I went to sleep and had a dead dead headers sleep cycle. Just not a very long one. Yay me I did though not need a slice of Heaven in a dream form I got one at the Aladins' rug store, which is next to the FrostTop which is where I had lunch with Jay (also on my facebook list, aka McPherson(sp) back porch barber shop fame), there and then when my parents picked me up there, had dinner and some leftovers are still in the fridge, with chilled breath waiting for me to consume them, that is their lot in life to be consumed, and they are in there, holding out hope that I consume them before the end of the time line when they have to rotten the rest of the way to the dust and ash heap of the pile driven next made star stuff in the next star system they come to form in the newest time line shake shock up, like in 13 to 25 billion years from now. Boy those leftovers are just chomping at the bit to lose big time and die to my chewing them up.

I plan to be the biggest loser, and I plan to fail big time, so big time that sooner or later, I will have learned to lose the time of worry, fear and hate and only have Love, Love, Love and Love and Peace that passes all understanding from Christ our Lord,


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