Thursday, January 05, 2012

The new Year in readership.Biowebscape too.

Dear Readers,

Cough cough cough, I gag, darn it did I have to choke on that beer again? Oh, Right I didn't it was the asthma hitting me back from the days long gone and misused. Or was it because I drank nothing and talked a mile a minute, which is a rather slow talking speed if you ask me. In the card game Munckin by Steve Jackson Games, the newest set my brother has I pulled the Monster Card as the second knock on the door card ( I really don't know the full terms of this ame, just know how to play it sort of ), it is the second card from the monster stack if the first card was not a monster or a trap. Well this card I drew was supposed to be laid face up as we were relearning how to play ( myself ) and teaching how to play ( my dad ).

The card did read in part. Dr. Maybe Bad stuff: Will talk you to death.

I am nothing if not good at the gab, the blah blah blah, and the art of sedation, lecture mode, and telling people 10 times TMI, ( to much information ), But I am getting better at it honest, it just does not seem that way to those of you that can't stand it when I do one of the above around you.

But I was in a hyper mania mood and was already annoying my dad, though he was also annoyed about other things, it was the end of his stay away from home, he was feeling out of place and I was not, yet, nor will I ever feel out of place much when visiting my brother. Though I also have a home here where this post is getting typed. I can live with my brother a lot better than most siblings can in fact I was just getting in the swing of that when we my mom and dad and me. Had to leave, and I am feeling the pressure of that fact on or about now, though I have friends and people that I can be with here, I have to adjust that I haven't got it easy to just pick up the phone and call him, and he walk in from the other room talking to me on it. Big house I was about to do that a time or two.

Ah the readership has upticked I have been informed by the site stats pages, and by the number of calling cards I have been leaving about town and the world via other methods, so I will have to get with it and get some work done.

As far as the Biowebscape Design theory/project goes.

I have talked to several people resently telling them that if we were all willing to work together we could feed and house all 7 billion plus people on Earth and maybe have more of us. Not that we can right now stop that from happening, the more of us part about ( old numbers rounded down to give me a bit of breathing room ) 200,000 new mouths to feed are being added to the world's population every single day. And Only God Knows the reall numbers and Only God knows where this will all lead.

But I have high hopes that if we could get enough people going in a positive direction the other's would have to sink or swim in our wake as we moved forward in a positive direction.

Currently you are reading post and blog and thought and Tv Show about the future, as is oft to happen around the turning of our new years and old ones passing. But we don't have to sit still and bemoan our life in this horrible world!

We could if we really really tried make some effort to get a better result than what many people expect. We are a mob like creature, but we have enough people tha stand out that well, I felt it was high time to stand out and make a move toward what I had always been talking about at least to those that knew me or whenever I made those private little garden party stories that I have not posted about or for the most part never written down. I did tell you in a previous post that I have hundreds of things rattling about in my head, well I do, I have stories that will never find the light of day as they just are my working capital and haven't beeb vetted for public use, though I pull them out and then write a bit of them and go on, the story " The Business Card" and the extended scenes of " The Safe Safe " are parts of a line of stories I call my " Alternatives " Storyline, it is a vast epic, and never meant to be finished. A Star Trek, a Star Wars, a universe that can be pulled out and talked about in 1,000's of minds and used for fun. I have introduced it more than once to friends and family and just today was talking to several of my most favorite Bartenders on Earth about it. Yes Ladies I have other names for you, that you only know, or others might have heard, but I hereby announce.

You ladies are " The Best Bartenders On Earth " As this time in my life I am making firm commitments in stone ( the online world is not set in stone, but it makes a lasting impression none the less ). Yes this month became cash cnd carry month, as I have spent and spent and then got and got and spent and got and spent and well I still owe a lot more than I can ever pay for, but I will always give you a tip, even if those tips this month are a bit shy from former levels, But well you know me by now, nothing is as it seems, money is never an issue with me.

But I digress I was talking about the Biowebscape Design theory I have, well I have been living part of it, and have been hunting the collections of locally grown plants to give my yard a better feel, and plant base that will work here for sure, then also adding those that I think will grow here due to the climate, which if you have not noticed lately, can not be termed average. So this isn't going to be a finished in one day story but an on going effort to mutate the world we live in too one that we can live better in than we all thought we could before now.

Just to let you know what I am listening to while I post this blog tonight, It is John Tesh's " One World" he being a Christian not afraid to speack his faith, I have admired him for a while, and have listened to him off and on for a long long time. This is part of my dad's vast collection of music, sorry but my dad don't listen to all the music I would listen too, I feel any music with a positive message or feeling to is ok. Sometimes even the oddly odd rap is good to point out something that you did not see was happening the scene before you. That and I am working on my own Rap style as it is another form of creativity that I have. Though you aren't likely to hear any of it, beyond some of the posts here, in fact you are more likely to see it here first.

The winter is still here, the Jerusalem Artichokes were in a poor state of growth, but I don't do much to that patch as it has a self seeding habit going on over 25 years now, the original tubers were bought so long ago I couldn't rightly tell you from whom I bought them, likely Gurney's.( spelling check , and side note, they used to have a big big nice company now their catalogs seem run of the mill plain jane, Sorry guys, but your catalogs have been missed in this household as they used to be ). I have given tuber sets away to others, as this plant is native to the USA and likely was here far a lot longer than most of the peoples that were here the longest otherwise.

I have some Leeks reseeding, I did not harvest them, they sets and seeded, so I will have to get them and the Chives and plant for use and growth rather than just life.

The herbs are doing good, we have 2 rosemarys now, and the Edible cactus is still there, but has to be moved, as I hunt for a place to put it that it gets good sun and is out of my harms way.

We have small stocks of pickled green tomatoes and other tomato dishes in jars, not a lot, but just enough to tide us over the season or so.

I want to add a Fig tree or three to the yard but can't figure out where to put them, the nextdoor neightbors have one but I don't know if it grew any last year. The pecan tree down at the corner of the block on Camp Robinson and Larkspur had a so so year, as did all the trees across the main drag, as I found out this morning. We have two in out yard, but the one in the back is only 12 feet tall and the one in the front is not producing more than Squirrel food, which okay by me, they need to eat too, they do have a good time of the Slash Pines as they produced a lot of cones this past year, and though none of the seeds are much big enough to eat, I do have one on a shelf in my bedroom that I have yet to crack open and taste test, still wonder what I will do with it.

The news of other places is such that I have to write a bit of fiction to overflow it out of me.


The tree toad was making a racket. Then there was a huge bang and crash and screams and loud voices rang out and sirens wailed.

The tree toad looked up from his sawing, and thought, " Got to call Todd the Tow truck owner who was a three toed three stemmed tree toad with a tail, and really good at towing treed toads or even treed three toed tree toads, or just about anything toad wise.

There was a loud crash and a police toad showed up just outside his shop.

Call the tow trucks we had an accident right up the road, three three toed toads, treed three two towed toads, and there was a tadpole involved.


I think I could go on and on and on and on a bit more if You let me so I will end the three treed three toed tree toad all alone in the night to racket on.

Your Brother in Christ and may his peace be your's and his kingdom come.


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