Saturday, September 06, 2014

For the Park Hill People and all others that show up or read up....NLR AR

Dear Readers,

I have a styx and I raise you one musically band of brother called styx to the power of GOD on earth and in Heaven and there is that number everyone fears coming back round ,, again,, 666, let me tell you a tail tale of the taller tale of the king of the Solomon miners guild,, thost guys that had to forge gold out of anything and anything they could get their hands on to get to it. the tribute to him, just for them being bad and thinking they could beat GOD at his Own Worldly Greatness making Glorious Named Jesus' Tale.... They had to give Solomon 666 Talents of gold a year.... That equels about 25 US Troy Weight Tons of Gold a year, or at current last time I checked was bout 1.5 weeks ago,, they flux and flow up and down but there is only about 170,000 tons of the stuff on the planet already mined by the known Man made systems,,,, not the Not I Know knot or un not know that amount God Only Knows,, My GOK to the faithless OH MY GOD! that 25 tons a year for 40 years, built a lot of things in gold so much so much I am not even sure they really know, but the 666 tribute was about 750 million a year, or 30 billion dollars, and then they also say there was not one since that time that Was Richest than him as a single individual, and King of the God held for the Jesus for all people, honed them then to make us now, if you do as he in the red letters and the rest of it said and do, you know there isn't anything but him, but if you are testy,, send me email....

Hi yalll,,,,,, you might or might see me there in parkhill that weekend..

GOK where I will be...



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