Saturday, September 06, 2014

BioWebScape Class of ...xyzs and the janitor part 7 alpeh and the 107 top

Dear Readers,

Only a few simple liner notes for the liner nota takers out the in lau laudh lanad and the deeemer dreeamers and he simmmer so swimmers and deep diggers and the horta kill er in the bottles,, I got your wheeeeee wheeee wheeee sssssss rrrrr weee geeeee dad thanks for you and I think I got the loaders going oottooooo Hey James the music of the Hey Jon lets make a music of the ages that thingy Is th e

I Hi all you others that might be reding me for the first times today or yesterdy or fhe

I did have to go tot he ER last night tis true.

I did only go to make sure the bottle was the shock waves I know not what the feelings were so I go to the doctors, I could make my systems self correct, but the nice lady blood sucker I had to yang the right shirt flap of to get her to make contact back with me, I was not and never would have been mad at you, something flickered in your eyes I saw your feelings of the waves of the hatards flow out of you I felt the pai I Pain you felt I surely did dear lovely lady of the vampires and the copper pennies and the most wonderful feelings of you being there, but then I know, and knew you'd be you, but not you and not whom, I do not think I had ever laid eyes on you before in my life as me,, for else I'd already have had a connection with you and you'd have already known, but the his not seen he not read here anyway, but thanks for the wink and the noted nod of the whispers and the all that...... oh and by the way the blonde,, the one known to you and me as Ashley, whom she looked cool and all, and think me silly and back off crazy,, yes I am back off crazy,, but HER name is a note here > ***** < end note Million years ago ref-rift on the best ever first day in heaven answer I had ever gotten, linked to her then and now in a loop de loop of me in several other things too.... She is ... better than she thinks and best of her kind of her kind... only one of her ever, there is only one of each of us ever.... only one of each of us ever, and ever and ever and ever..... laughs.... I know things that I can not tell you ever yet, just on the edge of the last few days in the hevean's utter filled pressure cooked of my swimming pooled stream pressure cooker, I just over the top of my other games and doings, thanks you all one and all the B. Hand and the Dwight and the others that names I can't ,, but Mark,, do like I said.. red letters only..

Baptist North Little Rock is the place I'd go if I had to go there to be fixed up only to AMA out again, honest,, there might be more, but not me there for fixing things, or at least not for a long time to come, me there to be fixed be you all..... truly thanks and GOD the Father and The Son and Holy Ghost be with you one and all the earth too.

BioWebScape Class of ............... all that and the title too.



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