Saturday, September 06, 2014

Jedi last known first know, um there is that other tale of, not me.

Dear Readers,

Reported something something the police were called I am sure or the police or the, But last night on or about 12 hours ago, I was chopping down a big Rose hedge that had been here in this locale, at the 1 off odd over there off my house number of 108 to the 107 of our street Larkspur off of , by one block, the house marks. I was out practicing with my wooden stick the old 6 foot one, that....( in a bit I tell you).. I hit the pole only cause I see the nurse over there I wan't to get her attention this time, but there was guys car there, he stopped but didn't stay so I ran back to get 6 foot in the old place stave holder, the badmitten racket is there, too, but i digress a bit.....

Okay I go hospital, I okay, I just got to winded for my self and the control.. I I go to less and less nicotine to almost zero, plants have it in them, I will never be at zero, but if I go to animals only for a while, and only some of the fatty acids and meets and beets and tubers and beans and peas and grain for a while, the toxic goes away faster, but am on a water reduced diet for the burn off the extra water layers to get to a less water logged when am up layer area, so I less water intake as I burn off the extra stored winter fat,, my years and my years and days and dazed head dead heading are not the rest on stop.........................zzz sorry went o to bed for high noonish to hot for the feet today.

even the fat is burning,,, in the pan, lol,,, others like crisp I like not crisp

going to be offlining for a while, maybe in a million yea........zz


GOD ONLY KNOWS how much fire he can take to feed his sheep the SLEEP of the needy in the bountiful EDEN of the Earth,,, only god and a guy that has a biowebscape design project hard locked to his name..........


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