Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I program AI

I have been telling people that for the last few months. I finally figured out I have been telling the truth. I am and have been writing a MASTER work. It is called Future Tech. It was started about 20 years ago and I have been working on it in my head ever since. I have some brief notes and at least one short story and about 20 hours of magnetic tape of the story line, but have not much to look at if you are not inside my head looking at it. The main line of thought has finally been pushed out into verbal thought patterns.

I have been programing Rachel.

She is both the central Computer that Runs the information gathering arm of the Company Future TECH and Lover of the main Character. Richard falls in love with an AI. Robert his boss makes her into a Human and tells NO ONE. Not even her at first. Richard is not privy to this information until after you are, the reader, which is just about now. Like I said I am writing this story almost all of my free time, most people think authors are crazy people, now you know why. I can show you how I program AI now as A Performance Artist type of stand up and it will either make you think you need my meds to feel good or that my meds are not working. I am not going to tell you where to get the best meds that man can provide. You would not believe me anyway. Oh why not, ....

My own Brain. Your own body makes the only meds you need, but you have to learn that one for yourself there is only one real way to tell you and make you understand, you have been inside your head for so long you realize that programing AI can make you Crazy enough to understand all this stuff.

More on this later.


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I have been programming Paul, but his wires are constantly crossed!

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