Monday, October 01, 2007

heaven and HELL

Where are you they ask
Why I ask
We want to know they scream
I Whisper
You don't really want to know do you?
They scream EVEN louder now, Yes! Tell US!
Hell I moan and whisper at the same time
Dead Silence
I say nothing, it is not my turn to speak
A soft voice
In the distance like a cat mewing
Why You?

He died you know
You nailed him to that tree
Don't you rememeber?
It was a bad dream you say
Yes I know, I come to you in dreams
To whisper to you
Or I come to you in visions to talk louder to you
When you listen
You understand
Forget your pains
Forget who hurt you
Forget then forgive
He died and I forgive you
He forgot in death, his pain
3 days the Son rose fresh and wonderful

They still wonder
They still ask
They still seek
Do you know what he did they ask
If you do
Share your joy
He shared his joy

If you know where you live
And can say for certain
Then you are not reading this
Or maybe you are
But for certain
If you are in Heaven
Nothing I say will change you
If anything I say changes you
Then so be it
I only write what I hear in my head

I know where I am living
Do you?

Charles Edward Owens Junior


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