Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where do you live

This is the Essay with the same mind as the poem Heaven and Hell, What I could not write then and might not be able to write now, but will try.

Where do you live? You have three choices.

Do you live in heaven, do you live in hell, or do you live on earth but are waiting to get to one of the other two?

Personally you can not tell me the answer to that question as fully as you might think you can unless you first answer are you a Christian.

I am Christ's second coming, but not the second coming of Christ. I am a Christ Child, a Christian, a Child of God, or as it is better stated a brother of Christ. I really don't use the first sentence much outside of a few people because they miss the subtly and think I am saying something that I am not saying. I try to live as much as I am able to, as Christ like as I can. All I know is that if needed to have it happen I am willing to die like Christ did in the same manner to help save just one other person, or as many as needed. For this I am sure I understand the Passion of the Christ.

As it stands I am homeless if I were not staying with my parents I would be Homeless. Currently I am unemployed as the world knows employment, I write but am not paid for it.

Now we have to ask me the question I have posed for the rest of you. Where do I think I am living? I know I live on Earth, but I do treat each day as if parts of it are like living in Heaven. There are places here on Earth that act as windows into Heaven's beauties. Likewise there are places and times that act like windows into Hell. But windows that look both into Heaven and Hell are just windows, in this case they can only be opened part way and we can't totally jump right through.

There are cases where both of this example seems to fail. The Fires that plague the earth whenever the dry seasons flow nearby, the destruction and damage and death seems like Hell on Earth. But the Real Hell is God less, Hope less, and Love less, there will be no heroes to stretch out a hand and help you up and into safe arms. I think that is where most people get their own personal hell on Earth wrong. If you are suffering, here you can forget or be where it is oft times few and far between for someone to stretch out their hands to you and help you. That is where Christians and for that matter any caring people come in and hands out help to others.

For me there seem to be people that live here as if they are living in Heaven. This I can understand. I do at times feel that there are slices of Heaven here on earth. The River Market District of Downtown Little Rock is one such Place, Almost the whole thing. They are doing a real good job of it if they are building sections of heaven at a time. I like to see the new Building of the section where the Construction is still going on at an Extension of the Library. My favorite Coffee Lady might be sad to see the construction guys go though. She told me to include her name and address, Andina Cafe` at 400 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, River Market. The Cox building has some of the best examples of Books for sale and Art Work this side of Heaven as well. Then there is the Library proper which even caters to the Homeless there in Little Rock, but is of course my favorite building in any place I go. Libraries mean learning and knowledge and I guess if I had to be the one to tempt someone to eat of a fruit, I would be the tempter himself. That is how much I like having knowledge about things. I really understand what Solomon meant though when he said it was all "Like chasing after the wind." you just never can get enough of it, and what little you know is not what you knew yesterday and you forget what you did know today.

That really sums up why this place or anyplace here on Earth can't be Heaven on Earth because it tarnishes and rusts and people have to build new things all the time to make the old piles of dust new piles of knowledge and finery. So be careful with both of your definitions of Heaven or Hell on Earth, in Hell you have no HOPE of help, In Heaven you have nothing that lasts. Only in the Real places would you get what you paid for. Maybe we should all be very very Careful what we pay for.

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