Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let us suppose.

Dear Readers,

Let us suppose, that a story was once written by a little kid. One dark night, which he had to make dark by covering up all the light sources in his living room, by putting things over them, he started a fictional universe up, with a simple question. That question is almost lost in my memory, I can't really get back there to remember it, though I am still today typing to you from that same living room. Long journey from there to here, but the story is still being written, It is one of my oldest friends. I have altered it in many ways, and many of my other stories, are linked to it in ways that only now all these years later see the light of the day I tried all those years to blot out, as I like the dark a lot more than most people I know. Though I do see quite well in the day light and in the dark, more so than I see fine print, then I have to use a glass of some sort to see anything but the blurs of the letters, even now if I don't blink a little the starred letters of this computer screen are a bit fuzzy for a few seconds.

Let us suppose that I have been over all these years been given insight into things that others have not been given, or that other's have been given, but just might not see the same way that I do, but then again, other's have always been given gifts, we just don't notice them till later.

Let us suppose that all we read is true, to a point, but slightly twisted to a point, that fictions, are fact and facts are a bit fictional too.

Let us suppose that this is meant to be, so that our minds can wrap a rap that can't be seen in the light of day, but must me dreamed of in the dark of night.

Let us suppose.

We are made in god's image.

We are and always shall be like him.

Later I will write a fictional tale along the lines of the ones I thought of earlier, before I got to suppose this to you today.

God's Peace to you, as it shall and always has passed all understanding,


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