Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is BioWebScape Really?

Dear Readers,

Maybe a dozen new people would ask me that in a week, if I told them I owned my own company, business, had a theory or wanted to prove some point that we don't need to be starving in a world full of plenty.

God tells people in that Book you might have heard about that he provides for the birds of the air, why wouldn't he provide for his children, those creatures it says he made in his own image, Now he gave us male and female bodies, but if the image is of God, what does that mean really? Well If I take a hunk of paper and put it in a xerox machine I get an image of it carbon copied, as the old saying goes because I had another hunk of paper with carbon black on it to print another copy with, remember those things called typewriters and putting two pieces of paper together to make copies of something you needed and you typed real slow to make sure you made no mistakes. Never mind all you kids that never had a typewriter below your thumbs and had to learn where the keys were and which App that was for.

The image we are made into is that of a loving parent. Not one of a certain race or color or tribal mixture or hair color or things like that, but a loving parent. A bird that makes sure it's young are clued into where the water pools are and what to eat, like here child, this bug is good, or this seed is good, and don't eat that newspaper, but use it to make a nest with. Jesus is always talking about the birds and the plants, the crops in the ground that well the birds and the animals and the wind and the water spread about to grow here or there.

I have a friend who did not get much money from the US gov't for her being unable to work and really needing a new heart, and a bunch of other parts that don't work to well, They call it congestive heart failure, basically your heart is slowly dying and you kinda get born with the genetic predisposition. Well she took in a friend that was homeless and has been giving him aplace to stay, he pays no rent, well she pays no rent either, as I help her with that. But he was unable due to scheduling to not make it to a food stamp appointment twice...........

Well after about a week and a few days and roll over of a month, I am back to this story again, sorry for the delays, but then again you are all almost ready for the chance to see a few loose ends, tied up into a one and for all neat package, but sooooo sorry the freench man says,


the man stand's at his, desk

The other man just sorta shows up, ans-if-by-bi-buy-bye-10-now air filled the room with a both hot and swelling fire show then the iceman walked out o fhte room filled void that hit the whole room at the same exact time, no not like other tv show, the star trek thingy, he mentioned that a long ass time ago, to the man standing there, and the other show star- wars- forever and the end of the whole bloody star-sytem when a force to be recon-d-with show-ed up and vopor-ized it just to be sure the last notes- of the liner notes were gone- when his house lucas,, no was it jobs, is dead he had said, can't quite report on that fact, his boss was a bit of a hot cold dude, sort of the guy that could walk into the area and just blend in, then if the mood struck him, rip the walls off the place with a single loud burst of something, from a high pitched, sound wave blast to a bit of beep beep or the girls that just seemed to walk right passsssssttttttteeedddd him, oh my some times, the guy who worked for the boss, was just amazed att he way women would look at him and he would sort of ignore them, or just sort of know they needed this or not, or the bloody ( pardon me father, I know how you hate the british, no that is not the reason, mother is irish, but they killed here n the fire fight that last day int he story, of the burning bridges and he had had enough of being richard Mann, he just wanted to forget the whole damn story,,,, (((((( {{{ P[[ editor's note, soooooo soorrrrry can't tell you the linkeages, to all my tales can I , but I like to hide things in the twisted turns of fast backwards masking tapes, or is that the prions killing me again,,, snickers,,, no just my desire not to share all of me just yet )))))))))))))))))))))))))) end of quote's off this mark mark ]] ppp >>>>>>>>------- zzzz

lol,,, sorry had to give george his due,, kevin you'd understand that one dude.

snick,, tear, wax on wax off,, shear ooofofoof a trip lisp...

Okay back tot he where I was last on theis trail well the boss was being swamped now as the room seemed to fill with flies, then leaches then the ticks,a nd the blood eaters and the buck's and lopins and the tigers and a few stray house cats and a big pile of dead cockroaches, he was looking at them and was a bit pissed off looking I would think and the animals, were and bit in the rush to help themselves to eating his flesh of his scars. he was looking at me with his kind eyes and tears streaming down his cheeks. and big deep sigh he said.

" they got to another one of the deep storage pockets."

and flowed out of the rooom into the Bar.


What if. the horta story of the Star Trek fame, is the only line in the story.

of a massive cover up that has been going on since before the begininng I was asking myself a question and then one day answers, started to flow to me, and then I said, what if I think once to many times.

Waht is in some quarters of the real world I am know, and the little boy, that is not just a baby still, but needs to be protected with osme hte best security the boy has ever in his life seen as he has once or twice used all most all of his powers to escape it.

What is the if factor he wondered one day,, that ws a a bit much, his non-firewall did not like that one,,,,, non none I have no firewall, O zip nil, I attempt to go nil with 7 of the 15 cards of the spades, the highest of the holy ones, the next highest only... and I like the chance to test my skill as this game of chance of faith in the power of the universe, well darn it, if I ask,,,

What if I WAS TO ASK that?

end of fine-filled-fil- line, gone to the iceroom,,, jumper jumped into the chilled off bath, liguid boiling bubbling helium,,,,, the out gasssssing was just the longest hisssssssing filled the rooomm to the pop zone.


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