Monday, March 26, 2012

Plant the Future Today.

Dear Readers,

Boy, Is it Hot! We are scheduled for 81, then 84, then 85 this week, with some milder temps by Friday and Saturday. Where did spring go? When was winter exactly, I think we had two brief bits of snow like stuff come down from the sky this winter and only a few days into the teens. Other regions of Arkansas had colder and more snow than we did here in Central Arkansas. The dogwoods are blooming, they know it is early summer and they have to get the buds out first then the leaves, like so many other trees, flowers first then leaves.

My plastic drink bottles with soil and seeds in them are sprouting and one set has radishes up about 3 inches. I planted another set of 6 Lipton Green Tea which my dad likes to drink the Diet version and I like the non-diet version, though I am still partial to Perrier, I have always liked fizzy water, Soda Water is better but it never seems to be in the stores I shop at, so I go for the bulk. Yeah I know 5,000 mile water, so sue me. Whoa, no not the lawyer jokes again!

At least I recycle almost everything that comes into the house, in one way shape or another. The Perrier bottles make good compost tea containers, just punch a few holes in the lid and when you need to water your household plants or the ones in your little plastic bottle gardens, you just fill with tap or rain water, wait an hour and then pour your plants a drink. I have a pet slug in a Perrier bottle with some soil and plants I feed her every week or so, I was in a mood when she ( most slugs are both gender), but need another to procreate. Which was not my goal, so I only have one, and call it a she. Maybe it is human ego centrism or something like that, or Male ego, whatever the case, she is fine I just fed her a top off a Johnson grass that I pulled out of my Iris bed.

We drink 2% milk out of half gallon jugs, as they are easier for my mom to lift and fit better in the fridge. So I have been cutting a chunk out of them directly opposite the handle taking out a part of shoulder just down from the neck and making a hole the size of the Palm of a hand ( mine is not huge even though I am 6 feet tall, but any adults hand should work as a reference on size ). I only go about 3 inches down on the side and leave about an inch and a half to the other corners. I jab a few holes in each side about 1 inch up the sides from the bottom and then fill it with potting soil, water it and check the drainage. Then I select the seeds I want to put in and carefully count out a few of each kind place them on the soil top and cover with fine peat moss. I make a little hook out of a wire clothes hanger, Using the elbow and shoulder parts as they already have a bend in them. I save the long straight length for other projects and hang the hook somewhere for still other projects. You will use about 1.25 quarts of potting soil per milk jug, and you can link the wire hangers together and hang them from things in a small hanging basket arrangement or you can hang them from just about anything you have space to hang things. I have been trying to figure out how many will hang from each other before the stresses on the top hook will be too great and cause it to bend. Heavier gauge wire the less they will bend.

I plan to have the use of as much vertical space as I can around my yard, just to see what all it will take. Being on hooks they can move to different light zones, or micro climates that you have in your yard. Not something that I can call my own idea, but something I haven't seen anyone locally do in a while. The county has a big green recycle roll around cart that a truck can pick up, so that we can recycle just about anything we want now. So that is a good thing, but I seem to be making a dent in the plastics. While others use glass bottles to build things with, as long as it stays out of the land fills and doesn't go to waste the better.

Some garden slugs might not be what you want roaming around your veggies, but be careful how you kill them, as there are chemicals out that can also kill birds and small animals. If we lived in more animal heavy yards, the cycle might not feel so broken and the slugs might not have such a field day on your plants, if other animals that eat them were present. Part of our problem has been that we drain the swamps, cause we don't want water standing around near the cities, only to realize that the area still floods and we have killed off or forced to move the animals that kept the area a living breathing balance. Getting a yard back into that balance is not an easy task and might be close to impossible without a lot of care and fore thought. Part of my whole approach has been to see where that balance is and work with it. I dislike not knowing what is going on in my yard, so I am always poking into places that people start warning kids to stop doing about the time they start walking.

I was the kid that got out of the house and was wandering down the alley, till my parents put up a fence. Then I got my foot stuck in it trying to climb over it, one of my first fear induced phobia, then their was bees when I got stung by one and got sick. Some of my fears were those of my mom I can see that looking back, I don't much like bugs, but I have had to force myself to at least not run screaming away from them, a small chill might run down me, especially if I am surprised by them. But the more you get out and see the world in your garden, the more you will see bugs, especially the more things you have growing there. Bugs aren't bad. We have issues with them, when we find them eating our plants and chewing on our toes, but generally speaking, half the time we caused some of the outbreaks of them. We changed the world we live in, and the bugs being able to move more than plants, have moved and grown to be a problem. This is my opinion, some of you will want to scream at me for being a human hater or something such like that, but oh well, there is a comment section, use it, as long as it is not vulgar I'll post it.

The going issue in the world today is, are we as humans changing our climate, and if we are can we stop the changes, and if we aren't can we stop the changes, but if we aren't then we can't stop the changes, and the debate will go on and on and on. The people that tell you that we aren't changing the world's climate, might be right, or they might just not have all the facts available. Myself I think we have always had the ability to change the world we live in. Just because God gave us the planet and told us to be happy here, which Adam and Eve didn't get the place that was prefect, they got the place outside the prefect garden. If you even believe in Adam and Eve and God, then you have to look at things from the idea that, sure God could make the place prefect again, but what did he say in that Book? Earth is not the Prefect place, Heaven is and while we live on Earth, we can screw it up even more without taking care of the place. If you don't believe the Bible or any of that God stuff, or have other things you believe in, Remember You make the place you live. You can drag all the topsoil off a hunk of land and dig for ores and things below the ground and pool the waste ground and waters right there, where you just dug them out and leave it for the ages as a scar on the landscape. But in 1,000 years look for the area to be changed from what it was made, In 10,000 years if you live that long to leave notes about the area, the scar might be a canyon, or a lake or something else. But during those years you will Have to live with what you did there. Soil erosion happens, Canyons are formed, lakes fill up and turn into seabeds of salt and minerals that form new rocks. We call this part geologic time, 10's to 100' of thousands to millions of years. Long after most people figure man will be around like we are today.

What we do with our hunks of land, will be here for years to come, we have to be careful to think before we dredge the land of all living creatures and call it parking lot. We have done it in so many places that it is not even funny looking at the wasted cities that have become ghost towns over the decades or centuries. Maybe they did not know any better and we can excuse them for it. But we are more aware of the world we live in and should be more adult than we were ages ago. We can change the way the world looks, so why not the climate too, Just because you think you are small does not mean we have not changed the course of rivers, drained whole lakes and seas and left barren rock and salt flats, Or filled in valleys full of water. We are and can change the climate, it just doesn't feel that way when you look at your own yard, unless you have been living there a long time and Have seen the big plants come and go, or seen an open pit mine, where there once was a forest. Anyone telling you that we humans can't change our world, has something else on their agenda plate that they want to sell you. God didn't make us weaklings, We might still die and have to look him in the face one day and all that, but we aren't weaklings.

Our planet is in an active stage, it bends grows and pulses as the spin of the forces of the Galaxy and stars spew things out, it is still in the active stage and for now it supports life, we should be more careful with it, as we don't have a lot of choices right now as to a place to go if we screw this one up. So take note, see where you plant the future today, and how you do things and who you talk to and what you say, even I have to listen to my own words on that account.

To everyone, May Christ's peace be to you.


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