Thursday, December 22, 2016

forty two 12 and a hug

dear readers

iiiiii llllll uuuuuu

Turnip was in a pickle, well not a pickle jar pickle and not a
Toad toe tickle pickle, but a pickle non the less
He wanted to just jump of the pickling pickled tick tricked out car
but couldn't the mad tickler for turnips was lurking in the

bull rushes over near tickle me elbow and thristy streets

this was going to be a thistle of a throw down

then he saw her

Little miss daisy was just jaunting down the street out there for
a sunny day of full flower flaming colors and his heart was of a

ttinkling plinking and things he never thought of till he saw her

but then seeing her was all ways the best of his day

he felt that the day was brighter and chipper even if his
turnip self was in a pickle still


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