Friday, July 14, 2006

Firelight night

Flames dancing on the wall, as two lovers gaze
The time slips to thoughts past and dim still
The fire's breath held between hands warm
Memories run the spaces of the dark
Thoughts dream of days gone by
Or yet to be
Flames dancing on the wall, as the fires slow
The night drifts by one second at a time
Yet days pass and years collect the room
Soft heartbeats chime in the ages going by
Was yesterday so far away they wonder
Is tomorrow another day or another year
Gone by again
Flames dancing on the wall, as time stops
And daylight streams in the window pane.

Charles E. Owens Jr.
13 July 2006


Anonymous Cas said...

i like this one very much. you seem to be hopeful and sad at the same time.................. Cas

10:25 AM  

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