Saturday, July 22, 2006

Poem: Mind Winds

Mind Winds

Little echos
In my mind
Crying to be heard
Past wanting to meet

Long ago times
Distant chimes
Crying wind
In misty mind

Things past
Moving fast
Going nowhere
Wanting to be there

Dying Embers
Sighing words
Momories gone
Thoughts to Remember

Little echos
Chances lost.

Charles E. Owens Jr. 28 Nov 1989


Blogger Charles Edward Owens Jr. said...

OYou seriously did this that when I was long ago posted to dorm room wall door, they had to go throught he doorway to get to mthe the flamer master pyrp king in the asbestos lined harder than con crette and cypress bunker hidden in the middle of a college campus the top floor, the center suite the first door to the right across the way of the RA for the floor Chase Casper... yes that is a great name he was a hoot owler not bowler, but he did ask me for a drink one day, he said, I know you have the best bar in the dorm, what you got n there, I gave him a 32 ounce glass with ice cold something and something in something and said my own formula...

8:33 PM  

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