Friday, April 14, 2017

Poem for her 130

Dear Readers,

130 poems going on more but we have reached another milestone marker I have been with a Lady, Called Babe in these posts, Her of the titles for a while now, looks over at her there on the couch That I designed and she sits on and likes a lot, and wonders and ponders, and um, well I can't rightly tell you how long she and I have been together because we don't know ourselves. Though I could tell you a fair guess and if you are a reader of this Blog or have gone though it's pages with a fine toothed comb, or know me personally, or Her Personally you'd be able to gander a when and what not..Knot...Not.. so um a while now. It isn't the point to tell you How long she and I have been a thing, an Item, Girl and Boy, smiles. But the Milestone is I started this series of Poem for her.... back in Jan this Year on the 6th. It is the 14th 2 months off the V day poem of that date where I say it isn't a V day poem to her in the Poem for her of the day. This is Poem for her 130 in about 98 days of timeline. Lots of poems get sent to her, These thought pieces have layers you all dear readers can't see, because they are pulled out of the Creative Juices God Gave me to use for this purpose. She can see them because the layers are woven into the Universe her and I call HOME.


Her Universe is large it has many people in it
My Universe is Large it has many people in it
Both of our universes were not connected in the general sense
Other than the vast fact that all the Multi- Verses
Are all connected, the 7 Billion plus Universes
Are all connected, they are called humans on earth now.
But she and I met once and then the Universes of apart
Are Homed in on each other and tied forever and always together
Our Universe we call HOME
Wherever we are it is home, we have been and will be many places
Christ's Peace to you all, He has given Her and I peace
Though the walk through earthly life called now
Is long and etched with many pathways and days
She is always and forever with me
I am always and forever with her
Girl with green glasses and Boy with blue glasses
Doing things in a current timeline and in the she and I world
Home is where the three bears were and then the story goes
Home is where the things could be a city house and a cabin
Home is Her in my hands holding her long into the next day
Home babe soon in your arms as soon as I hit publish.

Happy Birthday Babe,



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