Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Poem for her 125

Dear Readers,

Lazy afternoons

Porch swings with Us on them
Park benches with Us on them
Cuddling in soft places together
Talking about the news of the day unhurried
Playing cards or other games
Holding hands saying nothing much
Walking down the garden path at a plant show
Looking at books in a Library
Seeing the new art show, or the old one again
Watching the sun move through the trees
Talking about interests that we share
Talking about interests that we don't share but do share
Being together just hanging out with the scrapbook
Wondering what new thing to have for dinner but just thinking
Not going out to buy anything, just planning for later
Looking at each other with that deck of cards on the table
Not playing the cards, to interested in each other's hands
Longer afternoons as the days get longer
Longer still as the winter comes back
Why stop a good trend of longer
Lazy afternoons

Happy Birthday Babe,



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